Many modern-day vehicles are equipped v timing belts fairly than time chains. The location of the timing belt regularly makes removing the water pump extremely challenging, as the complicated timing belt system must be eliminated first. Thankfully, the Pontiac cool Prix go not have a time belt, and also accessing the water pump for removal or instead of is lot easier. Learn much more about removing and also replacing the water pump in your cool Prix, including suitable tightening steps for different engines.

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Park your grand Prix ~ above level ground. Conference your devices for easy accessibility and disconnect the negative battery cable.

Place your drain pan under the radiator and locate the coolant drain plug. Newer models will have actually a plastic guard come remove before you can accessibility underneath the former of the engine bay. Remove the drainpipe plug and let the coolant completely drain into the pan.

Cover the drain pan and also place it in a safe area. ( is very toxic if ingested by animals or humans. If you execute not have actually a lid because that your drain pan, use something rather to cover it. Foreign objects entering right into your coolant can contaminate it.

Use the screwdriver or socket wrench to remove the accessory belt protective covering to accessibility the water pump pulley. Ease the bolts ~ above the pulley, however do not remove them. As soon as the sheave bolts are loosened, revolve the wheel to remove the accessory belt, and then complete removing the pulley.

Set the pulley and also its bolts aside. Eliminate the five bolts (all models) mounting the water pump. The bolts will certainly require force to remove; usage a solvent such as liquid wrench to assist you. As soon as the bolts space removed, set the water pump and also gasket aside. If the gasket is stuck to the mounting location, carefully scrape the off. Always discard the old gasket.

Thoroughly clean the call area, and then install the new gasket and also water pump. Usage the speak wrench come tighten the 5 bolts. Different models must be tightened to different levels. The 3.1- and also 3.4-liter engine bolts need to be tightened to 89 inch-pounds; 3.8-liter engines have actually long bolts and short bolts. The long bolts should be tightened to 25 foot-pounds and also the short bolts come 16 foot-pounds. Do not overlook this setting, as it is an extremely important for correct water pump installation.

Attach the water pump pulley and also tighten the bolts to 106 inch-pounds for 3.1- and also 3.4-liter engines. Tighten the bolts to 115 inch-pounds because that 3.8-liter engines. Change the accessory belt ~ above the water pump pulley.

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Replace the pulley-block cover and the engine only guard (if equipped). Replace the coolant drain plug and replenish the coolant system. Reconnect the negative battery cable, and then begin the engine and check because that leaks.

On cool Prix models equipped v the 3.8-liter engine, removed the power steering pump will help you accessibility the water pump. This is optional. If you carry out remove the power steering pump, the bolts have to be tightened come 25 foot-pounds the torque when replaced.
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