Doing this an easy exercise every 30,000 miles is guaranteed to extend the life of your Jeep"s 4WD capabilities.

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This article uses to the Jeep grand Cherokee ZJ/WJ (1993-2004).

The transfer instance is responsible for taking strength from the transmission and also using that to change the rotation of your wheels at any time you change from 2WD come 4WD. Prefer the transmission, it"s a sealed unit with many moving gears that have to be lubricated. Some models of transfer case can use automatic transmission fluid, while because that others it"s much better to use specialized Mopar transfer situation fluid. Take a look at the transfer case under your Jeep prior to you start. There must a red sticker v a number top top it. If your transfer situation is a 245, 247, or 249 model, then you require the devoted Mopar fluid; otherwise, transmission liquid should work simply fine.

Figure 1. Look for this sticker to discover your transfer situation model number.

Step 1 – drain old transfer instance fluid

Start by driving the Jeep approximately for a couple of minutes. This will help warm and also circulate the transfer instance fluid, make it less complicated to drain. Climate park the Jeep on level ground.

Get under the Jeep and also find the two Hex bolt plugs on the carry case. One must be greater than the other. The higher plug is the to fill plug, while the reduced plug is the drain plug. Remove the fill plug first. The factor for this is periodically the fill plug it s okay stuck, and you don"t desire to uncover this the end after you"ve currently drained the move case.

Figure 2. Transfer situation fill plug and also drain plug.

Set up your drain pan directly listed below the drain plug. Eliminate the drainpipe plug, and watch the transfer situation fluid pour out. Be on the lookout for any irregularities in the fluid, together as metal bits and also shavings, together that might indicate some internal difficulties in the transfer case. Wait 10 come 15 minutes because that the transfer case to totally drain.

Figure 3. Draining the transfer case fluid.

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Step 2 – Add brand-new transfer situation fluid

Reattach the drain plug and also tighten the so that it"s fully sealed. Pour in 2 quarts of transfer situation fluid into the fill plug hole, or avoid when fluid starts pouring earlier out. Reattach the to fill plug and tighten the down. Now start the Jeep and also drive for a few minutes convert from 2WD come 4WD. If girlfriend can, take it off roadway to test out the other 4WD settings. ~ driving because that a bit, recheck the liquid levels and add an ext if necessary.