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I just got an IPOD and want come hook it up to my stock stereo on my 2004 Chevy Trailblazer LT. I perform not have actually BOSE or onstar or a 6cd changer, all level stock. Ns was wonder if i deserve to just plug right into the aux input, simply wondering what i need, the cheapest means to perform it.


Opposite that bigapple ns went with ipod connectivity thru the bottom yet when ns bought the Isimple, I got ipod connection, rca input, and an AUX (3.5mm) input. Isimple works about as an excellent as advertised on the Voy XL......the install is custom I hid all of the input in the facility console.For what that is worth.....the optimal grommet feet with simply an unmarked black color cable is the ipod cable.
Very nice install :thumbsup:Thoes grommets arethe vital
Where have the right to i getsome that those?:thx

An audio or electronics store should have them but I recognize for sure that home depot has some in the house wiring section.
Opposite of bigapple ns went v ipod connectivity thru the bottom but when i bought the Isimple, I acquired ipod connection, rca input, and also an AUX (3.5mm) input. Isimple works around as good as advertised top top the Voy XL......the install is custom I hid all of the input in the center console.For what its worth.....the top grommet feet with just an unmarked black cable is the ipod cable.
Wow, ns didn"t also think the that. The looks nice good. I would have been tearing my hair out running the wire all the means up the console though, haha.

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Radio Shack.....part number 64-3025. In a 31 pack, yes thirty one. Come out that there parts bin for $2.00. One of the couple of items ns buy over there only since they aren"t horrifically overpriced, in terms of parts.As because that the to run the wires. Yes it to be a pain.......and just like everything rather I had actually to traction them ago thru 4 or 5 times. And then as soon as ns was done, I uncover out that with one much more screw under the prior cup holder, the totality console come out, making life much simpler so when the weather gets nicer I will certainly be tearing it the end so I can put a item of conduit in there. I"m glad you guys like it. I just wanted come not have actually a million wires hanging the end of my glove box so i stole the idea the end of a.....dare i say traveler w/ SYNC. Cool small system whatever that is linked to the sync is wired right into the console there to.