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Does anyone have actually a diagram/location of mounted power steering push switch? 2004 Durango SLT 5.7L hem 4x2 ( ns think this is the just year that matches up with this switch place in the 2nd GEN Durangos)or even a preventive minute to photo their 2004 Durango 5.7L?I looked and looked-- for the life of me ns cannot find it and before I invest an hour through my FAT finger trying come unscrew the darn point I believed someone can have a illustration to assist a rookie.PS- I have the factorychryslerparts .com diagram however it isnt helping,*FYI-Im replacing initial mopar #56041335AB strength steering push switch through an Airtex #1S6871My wife and also I will feel alot better letting her drive the beast tomorrow when I get this installed.Thanks alot front of time...

May have solved this one currently but the power steering sensor is top top the pump appropriate up front, i don"t a great picture however it have to be the only wires going to the pump, located on the serpentine belt.
New blinker fluid, rotated the lug nuts, spring air in the tires, brand-new Moog muffler bearing, and also more......Courtesy that RedNeck1532004 dodge Durango restricted Hemi1985 BMW 635CSi (65k initial miles)1999 Jeep grand Cherokee limited 4.7-SOLD2006 Dodge ram 2500 huge Horn Hemi2006 Jeep Commander limited Hemi

Your entry was perfect timing.... Say thanks to you MileHigh!!PS- ns didnt understand (brainfart or just worn down maybe) power Steering liquid would pour right into my confront when ns unscrewed the sensor, luckily ns was practicing :teacher: "Safety First" Eye protection.

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