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I\"m certain this is a stunner question but I\"m do the efforts to discover where the (ECU) Engine manage Unit because that my 2004 evade Durango 5.7 hem is located. :help:Trying come learn,Jason- hem Lover
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*subscribed* I have no reservation either and would prefer to know.I\"m guessing it\"s what behind the gloves box???

ECU Location
I should have bought a Chilton car repair publication rather 보다 going the cheep route. I\"m certain this thing is in the engine compartment. Probable hiding behind the sleep on my face. :hide:Still looking,Jason- hem Lover2004 evade Durango 5.7 Hemi:drivingz:
53 mods So far - with pictures to prove that ​

What exactly are friend looking for? I\"m not sure that over there is an \"Engine control Module\" every se. Looking through my company manual I\"m not finding anything prefer an \"Engine control Module\"
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ECU (also known as PCM) is situated on ideal inner fender and also is only available by removing the best plastic fender liner.
yup...\"right\" = passenger next in this situation. Under the battery.ECM because that chrysler simply means, Electronic control Modules and also the PCM (powertrain control module) is one of the ECMs.

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05 LTD black HEMI
...loaded through the basics:SHK: ns NEED much more POWER!! ...and to shed some weight! DT_sumo:
This might sound weird but I\"m one of those men that needs to know everything about the automobile I own. Gift a High institution teacher :teacher:I have actually some motor heads in mine class and also one the them to be talking around replacing his ECU in his dodge Ram. The night i went the end to the garage and looked under the hood. Ns couldn\"t uncover it anywhere. Assumed I had blind for this reason I checked out you guys. That\"s around it just curious,Jason- hem Lover:drivingz:
Your right! It\"s ~ above the passenger next behind the wheel well. I invested two hours trying to gain to this thing. :truestory: I had actually to uncover a part number for Hemifever therefore he might program my tuner. PRAY that you never have to gain to her ECU!!! It\"s a genuine PAIN!!!:banghead: ns tried over and over to eliminate the Battery trey. Everything and I mean everything is attached to it. Over there is a bolt top top the bottom that i never can get to. So I offered up on the route. Then ns tried to eliminate the shroud that houses the wind shied wipers. :crazy: No luck! ns finally determined to rise under the rig and try to take it a photo of the serial numbers. I gained IT!!!:cheerl: i hope that\"s every he needed!Jason- hemi Lover:drivingz:2004 Durango 5.7 Hemi
Oh Ya!!! Hemifever is mailing that tomorrow. :bman: ns CAN\"T WAIT!!!:bman:Jason- hemi Lover2004 Durango 5.7 Hemi
You don\"t need to remove the battery tray to acquire it out...just the plastic fender liner. You deserve to do the from the top to however its MUCH more work (removing the wipers, etc.).There space three phillips head screws (or usage a 7mm socket) that organize it in place. That a chop squeeze yet doable....I\"ve done several.
GST95,Thank friend so lot for the hint. That\"s close come what I finished up doing. I hope i never need to look because that that thing again. If ns do, the is exactly what I will certainly be doing.Thanks again!Jason- hemi Lover:drivingz:
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