P0137 is a reasonably common OBDII code that occurs in theDodge Ram, it’s a general code. This means that it has actually the same an interpretation for any kind of vehicle.

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This code is supposed to let you understand that over there is an concern with the wiring or harness going come the sensor, or the sensor chin is bad. There are various other things that reason P0137 come populate. We’ll sheathe those below.

Bank 1 describes the side of the engine through Cylinder 1 in the shooting order.

Dodge lamb P0137 Symptoms


Typically, the just symptom that P0137 is going to be the service engine shortly light. In some cases, there have the right to be various other symptoms as well. This symptoms include:

unstable running engine Smelly exhaust organization light on bad MPG

Most of the time, it’s no a breakdown risk. But, prefer anything that causes the business engine soon light to come on it is a an excellent idea to have it fixed as quickly as possible.

P0137 Causes: evade Ram

Here space the most typical issues that reason the P0137 password in the evade Ram. They space presented in order (somewhat) of many to least likely to reason the problem.


Damage come the Terminal– The terminal that the oxygen sensor connects come (the plug) is also reasonably susceptible to damage. You’ll want to make sure that over there is voltage going to it. There’s much more on that straight below. Wrong O2 Sensor– If friend are acquiring P0137 after having recently changed your Oxygen sensor, it might be that the instead of is dorn or bad.

Ram P0137 Diagnosis

Here is a wonderful video that covers all elements of diagnosing the P0137 code:

It is feasible to diagnose the P0137 through a multimeter. If you usage the multimeter, you’ll understand whether or no the voltage comes to and from the oxygen sensor is within spec, this can assist you recognize if it’s your Ram’s O2 sensor, or wiring harness that’s the issue.

If friend don’t have accessibility to a multimeter, it definitely wouldn’t pains to check the wiring to in between the fuse box and also the Oxygen sensor first. If it ends up gift a wiring issue, it’ll conserve you money end buying one unnecessary O2 sensor.

You can likewise use a voltage test light to determine whether or not the oxygen sensor is getting any kind of voltage at every (they’re around $5 at Walmart). If it’s no getting any voltage, affix the test light to the exploit plug and also shake the wiring a small bit. If the light come on, even for a second, you recognize that you have actually a short circuit causing the P0137 trouble code.

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Good luck finding everything caused P0137 in your Dodge Ram. If you have actually anything the you would like to add, please feel cost-free to leaving a comment below.