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Hey men i assumed i"d choose up some AC Recharge simply to store my ac approximately par because that the summer, ns not specifically sure where the AC low port connection is does anyone know where this is located? I have a haynes manual but it doesnt tell you anything around location...
Yup passenger side, and also going v firewall. There room two ports but your recharge nozzle/fitting will just fit on among them so the is the one.
Its short articles like this the scare the crap out of me. I"ll it is in so happy once they pull R-134a native the industry like castle did with R-12.
I don"t typical to it is in a dick around it, yet Ive seen too many human being "fix" A/C systems with can be ~ of crap from the auto components store.. Which only leads to: Damaging the device by pour it until it is full it v crappy leak sealers. Overfilling the device - and also in rotate making it not work. Filling a leaking system, just to save filling it, and have the leak. You can"t simply top turn off an R-134a mechanism with a can... They just don"t work like that..
Hey men i thought i"d choose up some AC Recharge just to store my ac as much as par because that the summer, ns not specifically sure whereby the AC low port link is walk anyone recognize where this is located? I have actually a haynes manual but it doesnt tell you anything about location...

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You should buy one ac manifold gauge set (Harbor Freight usually has the best price), and check the refrigerant level ~ above both sides of the ac system prior to you even think about adding an ext refrigerant come the system. Too lot refrigerant is just as poor as not sufficient refrigerant. The can be ~ of refrigerant v the tiny little gauge built-in are worthless. #1 since they room inaccurate, and also #2 because you require to know the refrigerant level on both political parties of the ac device to know whether you really require to include refrigerant, and also the little gauge only tells girlfriend the refrigerant press on the short side. If you recognize what you"re doing, you have the right to top off a R134a ac system without draining it, and refilling v a measured amount (the means the publication says to do it). It"s tough to fill through a measured amount using cans, due to the fact that you lose some refrigerant when you hook up each can and also purge the hoses before connecting come the ac system (if friend don"t purge the hoses after changing refrigerant cans, girlfriend inject air right into the ac system, contaminating it, risking corrosion, and lower the efficency. Never include sealer come a ac system. If it"s leaking so negative that you have to fill it much more than every season, you need to drain it, and also fix the leak/s. If it only leaks sufficient to need filling once a season, it"s most likely not worth the cost of resolving the leak/s. Simply keep recharging it at the start of the season till the leak/s acquire worse.