Your Mitsubishi Galant Crank Sensor is a vital part of just how your engine operates. This is a three pin hall impact style sensor that’s an installed to the front of her engine. Together your Mitsubishi crankshaft spins, there’s a crank trigger plate the the sensor reads. This helps her Mitsubishi Engine regulate Unit (ECU) determine engine speed and position.

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Without this details your engine will certainly not start, and it can lead to a major driving condition. If her crank place sensor fails while your vehicle is moving, it can shut off her engine completely. This is dangerous together your Galant would be relocating without the benefit of strength steering or strength brakes.

Today I’ll be showing you exactly how to test her Galant Crank Sensor in a 1999 2.4 liter Galant ES. This sensor shares a lot of similarities v the 2.0 liter Mitsubishi crank sensors, and also you’ll require a digital multimeter to do this tutorial.


This sensor is reasonably easy come test and also it’s located on the time belt side of her SOHC Mitsubishi engine. This three pin triangular connector is an installed to the ago of her timing valve cover, and can conveniently be disconnected because that testing.

Symptoms of a failed Galant Crank Sensor

Galant won’t startCar transforms off randomlyCheck Engine irradiate ONIntermittent starting problems

How To check your Galant Crank Sensor because that Power

Open your Mitsubishi Galant engine bay and also find the crank position sensor connector. Look follow me the backside of your timing belt covering to uncover this triangle plug. Insert your Galant ignition key and revolve it come the “ON” position.


In order to test your Galant Crank Sensor you’ll should start through the power and ground wires. Using our crank position sensor wiring schematic, unplug the crank sensor and gently probe the ENGINE harness. You will certainly be trial and error for power at pen C on the Mitsubishi Galant 2.4 liter wiring harness.


If girlfriend don’t have actually power in ~ this wire, make sure your ignition is turned come the “ON” position. Remember the you are trial and error at the ENGINE harness side of your Galant. Once you have identified you have power at this wire, move on to pin A, i beg your pardon is the low reference ground signal.

After you have established you have power and ground at her crank place sensor, the last step is to test for signal. This is a bit challenging as it calls for your crank to move. Yet using our exactly how To DIY guide, you have the right to test for her Galant Crank Sensor signal.

How To check your Galant Crank Sensor Signal

Now reconnect the crank edge sensor in your 2.4 liter engine. Using your multimeter pierce pin B the the Galant crank sensor wiring harness. Now using a crank wrench or a 1/2 customs drive, progressively turn your crankshaft over.

Although you might crank the engine manually, it’s ideal not to perform this because that this part of the test. To make things easier, relax the burning chamber press by removing her spark plugs.

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Monitor the crank place sensor signal wire and you must see a fluctuating signal that 0 and 5 volts of DC power. If any kind of of this readings top top your Galant Crank Sensor room off, it’s time you download a instead of crank angle sensor in her Mitsubishi.

Have any type of questions around our Galant Crank Sensor exactly how To DIY Guide? leave them for united state below and let us know!