Has her Lincoln Navigator been having much more and more suspension problems lately? even if you don’t have actually a suspension warning irradiate on her Navigator, friend may have actually noticed other symptoms that a worn-out suspension.

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Perhaps the most typical sign that Lincoln Navigator waiting suspension fail is a sagging rear finish of the vehicle. Another way to tell if your suspension has actually gone poor is if your Navigator go a “nose dive” when coming to a stop. That’s once the rear finish lifts up and also the front finish dips down.

You may likewise have i found it a noisy air compressor in your Navigator. It might not even be able to maintain proper ride height.

If you’ve noticed any of this symptoms with your Lincoln Navigator, friend likely have actually air suspension trouble. However why?

Let’s check out some that the common reasons because that Lincoln Navigator suspension problems.

Your Navigator is a big, hefty vehicle.

The Lincoln Navigator is a big vehicle. It is probably part of the factor you got it.

While that dimension is great for carting the family or cargo around, it come a price. It renders for a an extremely heavy vehicle. At about 6,000 pounds unloaded, it is a lot come ask of an waiting suspension.


Over time, this fill will bear down on your air suspension system. Contents like the air bags, which use compressed air to support the weight of the vehicle, must be make of functional materials.

Those materials, like rubber and also plastic, can only carry out the job for therefore long. They room prone come wearing out or also rotting and also cracking.

Once over there is a weak allude in the airbag, all that weight bearing down on it will accelerate the problem.

A complex system

Air suspension solution provide wonderful ride. The energetic suspension is able to check out the roadway surface and also make prompt adjustments to the suspension. This provides for very smooth journey.

However, in order to do so, the Lincoln Navigator depends on a facility system the electronics, mechanically parts, and components made of functional materials.

Although this mechanism makes a great ride, it counts on every ingredient in the chain working properly.

For example, your Navigator has four ride height sensors. One at every wheel. These review the height of the car and also send that information electronically come a manage module.

The ride elevation sensors in her Navigator are relocating parts. Prefer all relocating parts, lock will at some point wear down and also need replacement.

However, if your ride height sensor no functioning perfectly, it will throw the entire system off. This will reason other contents to wear out more quickly together they run at less-than-ideal efficiency.

This is true of virtually any of the practically dozen components in her Lincoln Navigator air suspension system.

How to settle your Lincoln Navigator suspension

After considering every little thing you know around air suspensions, does that seem prefer it provides sense to spend thousands to solve it?

Probably not. However what choices do girlfriend have?

You could save a tiny money through going v third-party waiting suspension parts. But that will just leave friend in the same predicament under the line as you wait because that them to fail.

However, you perform have an additional option. Girlfriend can remove that wait suspension altogether and also replace it with something sturdy, simple, and also reliable.

rememberingsomer.com offers several kit to replace your Lincoln Navigator wait suspension through a robust mechanical coil suspension.

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These switch kits space made right here in the USA to ensure high quality. They will replace two or all 4 wheels of her Navigator in ~ a tiny fraction of the price of what a new air suspension would expense you.