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I have been buying this filter in ~ Wallmart and the last one ns purchased was approximately 1" shorter than the vault ones ns purchased. What is up through the different size. Has anyone rather noticed this?Thanks in advance,TG

They must have changed the design to do it a little easier for united state 3.0 guys.
I just did mine and noticed the same thing.
That is a pains in the butt to get approximately the exhaust manifold... I will certainly buy this one if it is the case...
It"s due to the fact that it"s indigenous Ford.....they room cutting ago on everything.....LOLIt more than likely is for basic of installation/removal past the exhaust manifold and also other assorted crap in the way. Mind you, I"ve constantly used frame or Quaker State filters with no issues. Simply a little tricky maneuvering and patience.
Yeah, it"s a tiny tricky getting them out, but once you figure it out, it"s no bad. I went through a motorcraft the critical time ns did mine, and also didn"t notification any distinction in size from the frame I had actually before, however then again i wasn"t really looking for diffreneces.
nice, i constantly break my arm trying come wiggle the down past the steering shaft and also then earlier over the manifold
I was likewise surprised in ~ how brief the new Motorcraft filter was.The size most likely isn"t one issue, as long as it"s readjusted regularlyalong with the oil.If the much shorter filter has more pleats, then it can still it is in as effective asthe longer filter...?
The much shorter size won"t readjust how the works, Ford has readjusted the media design to job-related just too with the smaller size. They go the very same thing through the FL-820S because that the F-150s a couple of months ago
Size is nothing to concern about. Small and effective is far better then a larger, less effective filter. Not just is it around the really filtering top quality of the media, but additionally the actual surface area that the media. Ever before see a filter top top a Japanese engine? super small. I always run OEM filters. Just changed mine critical weekend when I walk the heads. What oil execute you men run? personally I run 5-30 synthetic. I discover Fords 5-20W a little odd. This time I provided Mobil 1 instead of Castrol due to the fact that it was on sale because that $5.30 a quart.

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I was going to ask once was the critical time you changed your oil, cause they did that a lengthy time ago. LOL
I just acquired my 2006 Ranger, it has 104000 mile on it. I haven"t adjusted the oil or filter yet. Ns don"t know what kind of oil the vault owner used. Would there be any problem putting synthetic oil in it?
That just big business, they acquired us paying the exact same for less. Wal-mart need to of had actually a very huge supply sit in storage somewhere. I usage the FL 400s filter on mine 2.3 and also thought I had one in the garage because that an oil change last time. Ns didn"t so I got the Wix brand and also was told once the OEM readjust sizes the aftermarket monitor suit.

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