GM only lists an A/C refrigerant filter i beg your pardon is inline between the condenser and also accumulator. In 2003 lock took far the cabin wait filter as an option. Through the redesigned HVAC case, over there is no much longer a cavity because that the filter. The GM parts brochure indicates there is replacement filter available; but there is no provision for it.

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i am make the efforts to find out where the cabin air filter is situated in my suburban. I have seen videos on the internet about the location but when I gotten rid of the cover under the glove box there to be a sealed box. In the videos I experienced there was the filter exposed ready to it is in changed.

right here is a video clip of the project being excellent if your car has one together an option. run down this guide and report back.

hi Guys, watched the cabin air filter video, for the 00-06 bought the filter, started the repair can not situate cabin filter box. There seems to be part confusion the forums as to whether or not there actually is a cabin filter in one 04 Suburban. Can you clarify? Is that in a various spot? Or does it not exist? Thanks, Mudder

this trucks does no come v a cabin air filter yet for some reason you deserve to buy one.Here is what the manufacturing facility saysRecommendation/Instructions: starting in 2003 design year, the passenger compartment air filter is no longer easily accessible as a manufacturing facility option. With the redesigned HVAC case, over there is no longer a cavity for the filter. The GM parts directory indicates over there is a instead of filter available; however, over there is no provision for it.Use anytime, we are here to help. Please tell a friend.

I need to adjust my cabin air filter, but I cannot find the cabin waiting filter in order to change it. Have actually taken noise cowl under dash off, but do not see "access panel" where is that located? I have searched because that the nut/screw the should hold it in place yet cannot find it.Thanks
I have actually attached an image to aid you.1. If equipped, remove the Instrument panel (IP) sound insulator.2. Remove the filter access door screw.3. Eliminate the filter accessibility door (1) indigenous the HVAC module.4. Eliminate the passenger compartment wait filter. Sean
Hello,Here is a guide and also the diagrams below so you can see exactly how the job is done: the end the diagrams (below). You re welcome let us understand if you require anything rather to get the problem fixed.Cheers
Hi, In 1999, GM did not equip this vehicles with a cabin wait filter. I will tell girlfriend that many newer vehicles are situated on the passenger next of the vehicle and behind the gloves box. Ns hope this helps.Take care, Joe

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Hi, The original short article is because that a 2008 Suburban. Although these vehicles didn't come with a cabin wait filter, one can be installed. Also, over there is in reality a technical business bulletin concerning how to install one. Right here are the directions. It will call for a ar of the air duct to it is in cut. The fastened pics correlate v the directions.___________________________________________________2008 Chevy truck Suburban 4WD V8-5.3L A/C - Abnormal Dust Intrusion Into auto InteriorVehicle Heating and Air conditioning Cabin wait Filter / Purifier Technical service Bulletins A/C - Abnormal Dust Intrusion Into vehicle InteriorA/C - ABNORMAL DUST INTRUSION INTO auto INTERIOR# PI1216: Dust Intruding right into Cabin internal - (Apr 14, 2014)Subject: Dust Intruding right into Cabin inner Models: 2007-2013 Cadillac Escalade EXT 2007-2014 Cadillac Escalade, Escalade ESV 2007-2013 Chevrolet Avalanche, Silverado 1500 2007-2014 Chevrolet Silverado 2500/3500, Suburban, Tahoe 2007-2013 GMC Sierra 1500 2007-2014 GMC Sierra 2500/3500, Yukon Models, Yukon XL Models excluding Extended and Crew Cab Pickup (with RPO C67) Attention: any changes or adjustments to the auto should be very first reviewed with the customer, and also then detailed on the fix order with customer approval. This is for customer satisfaction; this is not a vouch procedure.Condition/ConcernSome customers might comment the dust is intruding right into the cabin interior. If the vehicle is driven primarily in high dust conditions, it might be possible for part residual dust to get in the cabin of the truck v the fresh air input in the plenum, then v the HVAC case.Recommendation/InstructionsAt inquiry of customer, download a cabin waiting filter adhering to instructions below.These vehicles did no come v a cabin wait filter from the factory. First-time installation of the cabin wait filter will need an installation kit. There are two different species of filter media offered; particulate or carbon/particulate. Describe the component numbers provided in the components Information following the procedure below.Pic 11. Locate and also remove the screws holding the right side reduced insulator panel as displayed in the illustration. Refer to Instrument panel Insulator instead of in SI.Pic 22. Top top the underside of the HVAC case, inboard that the blower motor, locate the groove (2) approximately the molded-in cabin air filter access panel (1) as shown in the illustration.Pic 33. Carefully cut the end the molded-in cabin waiting filter access panel using a suitable tool. Store the device inside the groove at all times. Note: The size of the opened is 10.25" x 1" (260.3 mm x 25.4 mm) as shown in the illustration. Important: as soon as the molded-in cabin filter accessibility panel is removed, certain the opened is complimentary of burrs and also debris.Pic 44. Bend the top stage and also slowly insert the cabin waiting filter right into the HVAC module, v the filter step (cut outs) dealing with inboard if the pull strip is pointed under as displayed in the illustrated. Important:pic 5The cabin air filter need to be flush through the HVAC module access opening as shown in the illustration.Pic 65. Install the cabin wait filter sheathe plate hook ~ above the slot in the HVAC module and also press the cover flush while installation the fastener as shown in the illustration. Tighten Tighten the fastener to 1.6 N.M (14 lb in).Pic 7__________________________________________I hope this helps.Joe