situated on the infection housing, sensor is in 2 places depending upon engine. Examine out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us know if you require anything rather to obtain the problem fixed.




that is situated on transmission housing, facing flywheel gear teeth. You must readjust it from under the car.

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Here is a guide that will display you what you room in because that when changing it is a chart to show you whereby it is help you gain the trouble fixedPlease allow me understand if you need anything rather to acquire the trouble fixed.Best, Ken

do I have to remove the wheel to acquire to the sensor? can you send me the video to display how the is done?
No have to do that. The would typical removing the infection first. We don"t have actually videos but the sensor is hosted in by one bolt and a wire plug ~ above the exterior of the bellhousing. The hardest part is just reaching it.
Correction.I re-read her question. I thought you stated flywheel. Removed the wheel might aid gain access, friend will need to look and also see if girlfriend can accessibility it through the wheel well.
I have actually a 98 pathfinder chilkoot the was running really rough and then stalled out. The password was p0335 crankshaft position sensor. The made sense. Every the parts stores had actually the component for a 3.3l v6 98 pathfinder. The trouble is the mechanic couldn"t discover it on the truck. I phoned Nissan and also after some confusion the mechanic said mine didn"t have actually a crank position sensor ~ above the engine, it was in the distributor. I"ve confirm my vin online and now I"m not even sure if that is a 3.3l The vin come up through a Nissan VG30d which ns don"t understand what the is. A 3.0l maybe. The vin is jn8ar05y3ww266132. Any chance you know about this. I carry out remember when I gained a new distributor before, the parts man said come make sure which month it to be made due to the fact that there to be 2 various models that year.
I"ve got three mechanics including two mechanics at different Nissan dealers the say it"s not on the block. I"m yes, really at a loss.
That makes it a tiny difficult. All my references show the 98 Pathfinder as having actually a VG33E 3.3l engine, which has actually the crank sensor ~ above the rear of the block. I"m see a VG30E on the Sentra, yet it likewise has a CPS on the behind of the block.
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I Am having actually A hard Time Locating The Bolts because that The strength Steering Belt. Would certainly Love an image If feasible Or information On how To discover Them.
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