The hand-operated transmission liquid cools, cleans, and lubricates the components inside the transmission. The fluid must stay clean and at the appropriate level because that correct infection operation. Checking the fluid at regular intervals (around 60,000 miles) will ensure your infection is gaining the lubrication that needs.

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This article uses to the Ford Mustang GT (1996-2004).

The T45 and TR-3650 usage a man-made automatic infection fluid occurred by Ford. This fluid is pumped throughout the transmission when the engine is started by the oil pump. The fluid creates a film roughly components, i beg your pardon reduces friction and also promotes smooth operation. The tolerances inside the transmission between components are an extremely small, making even small mounts of dirt wear inducing.


Materials NeededFloor JackJack was standing (x4)3/8" ratchetFluid move pumpDrain panRubber glovesSafety glasses3.2 quarts the Mercon automatic infection fluid

Step 1 – Raise and support the vehicle

The car needs to be leveled or on a level surface for an accurate reading. Communicate the emergency brake. Place the floor jack listed below one that the jacking point out on the former of the vehicle. Once your wanted height is achieved, place a jack stand as close come the jacking point as possible. Repeat this procedure because that the various other corners. Block of wood deserve to be placed between the jack stands and body to mitigate the possibility of damage.

Figure 1. Jacking points.

Step 2 – drain the fluid

Locate the fill and also drain plugs top top the passenger"s side of the transmission. Place a drainpipe pan beneath the plugs. Using a 3/8 ratchet (and a little 3/8" expansion if you"d like), remove the fill plug and then the drain plug. When the fluid circulation slows to a drip, re-install the drain plug.

Figure 2. The fill and drain plug locations.

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Step 3 – to fill the transmission

The transmissions fluid capacity is 3.0 liters or 3.2 quarts. Mercon automatic transmission fluid is recommended by Ford; although, owners additionally use imperial Purple Synchromax. Pump the liquid through the to fill plug v a fluid transfer pump until the level is 3/4" listed below the to fill line. You have the right to use her finger (with a rubber glove) to inspect the level. Re-install the fill plug and tighten the plug until it becomes snug.