Testing the ignition coils on your 1.6L Mazda Protegé is not that hard. It is something that you deserve to do appropriate at residence with a couple of basic tools.

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In this tutorial, I"m gonna" show you how in a step-by-step way. You"ll have the ability to find out if you execute or don"t have actually a negative ignition coil on her hands.

you can uncover this accuse in Spanish here: Cómo Probar las Bobinas De Encendido (1999-2001 1.6L Mazda Protegé) (at: autotecnico-online.com).


Symptoms that A negative Ignition Coil

Your 1.6L Mazda Protegé doesn"t use a mechanical ignition distributor to feeding spark to every 4 cylinders. Instead, it uses 2 ignition coils package to create and feed spark come the cylinders.

Each ignition coil fires spark come 2 cylinders simultaneously. Due to the fact that these ignition coils space a crucial part of her Protegé"s ignition system, engine performance will suffer when one fails.

Your 1.6L Mazda Protegé will display screen one of the complying with symptoms:

The auto will run and also idle rough.No power as you advice the car down the road.Really bad gas mileage.The automobile will no start.The vehicle will no run on every cylinders.Misfire password that space lighting increase the check engine light on her instrument cluster.P0300, P0301, P0302, P0303, P0304Rotten egg smell coming out of the tail-pipe.

What Tools carry out I Need?

The yes, really cool thing around troubleshooting the ignition coils on your 1.6L Mazda Protegé, is the you don"t need any expensive diagnostic tools to carry out so.

You do need a few tools, but nothing that will break the bank. The most vital one is a spark tester. Specifically an HEI spark Tester.

Below is the list of tools that you"ll need to effectively troubleshoot the ignition coils:

A Multimeter that can read Hz Frequency.An HEI Spark TesterBattery Jump begin Cables.Someone to help you crank the car.

As you have the right to see friend don"t need a entirety lot of things to be able to test the ignition coils on her Mazda Protegé

Circuit descriptions Of Ignition Coil Connector


I"m pretty certain that by now you"ve noticed the your 1.6L Mazda Protegé has two ignition coils. Among them is sitting right on peak of the #2 cylinder spark plug. The other coil is sitting ideal on height of the #4 cylinder spark plug.

Each ignition coil has actually a connector that has actually three wires coming the end of it. I"ve labeled every one with the numbers 1 with 3 in the picture above. Below you"ll find what every circuit does:

Circuit labeled 1:Triggering SignalCircuit labeling 2:Ground (Chassis)Circuit labeled 3:Power (12 Volts).

The shade of the wires is not necessary (to take benefit of the info in this article) as long as you"re able to correctly determine the circuit by its number in the photos supplied.

NOTE: The circuit descriptions and also the numbers identifying each use to both ignition coil connectors.

Where to Buy The Ignition Coils

You can uncover the ignition coils for her 1.6 liter Mazda Protegé in just around any auto parts store. However if you"re favor me in that i love conserving a few bucks on auto parts, climate the complying with links listed below will assist you come shop/compare and save:

Not certain if the over ignition coils right you certain 1.6L Mazda Protegé? Don"t worry, as soon as you acquire to the site, they"ll make sure the components fit and also if castle don"t they"ll ask you around your Protegé"s specifics to uncover you the ideal parts.

Ignition Coil basic Operating Theory

As girlfriend might already know, in this form of ignition mechanism the ‘Ignition regulate Module’ function is tackled by a transistor within of the ignition coil (both ignition coils have this transistor). The PCM (Powertrain regulate Module=Fuel Injection Computer) is the one that controls the totality show. So, in a nutshell, here"s what happens as soon as you rotate the vital to crank and also start the car:

The engine starts to crank, inducing the crankshaft place sensor come start creating its crank signal.The crank signal, upon being got by the PCM along with other essential sensor information, the starts to execute its small song and dance and sends ago a Triggering Signal to every ignition coil.This Triggering Signal consists of the instructions because that the Transistor (within each ignition coil) to begin firing the ignition coil it"s a component of.Each ignition coil climate fires spark come two various cylinders in ~ the specific same time (in what"s known as the waste Spark method).#1 and #4 cylinders room fed spark by the ignition coil sit on top of the #4 spark plug.#2 and #3 cylinders are fed spark by the ignition coil sitting on height of the #4 spark plug.#1 cylinder is fed spark thru" a spark plug cable (high stress wire) and #4 cylinder it s okay spark directly from the ignition coil.#3 cylinder is fed spark thru" a spark plug cable (high stress wire) and also #2 cylinder it s okay spark straight from the ignition coil.

The most important thing that you must remember, as soon as troubleshooting this form of ignition system, is that the ignition coil fires spark at the same time to two different cylinders. The ignition coil that"s sitting on peak of cylinder #2 fires spark to cylinders #2 and also #3. The ignition coil that"s sit on height of cylinder #4 fires spark to cylinders #1 and also #4.

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Precautions, Do"s and also Don"ts

Most of the trial and error that you"ll it is in doing is through the engine cranking so take it all necessary safety precautions to store your fingers, hands and also entire self safe. Here are a few other tips and also suggestions:

Do not use a regular spark plug rather of a committed spark tester to test for spark.Do not remove the spark plug wire from the spark plug or the ignition coil when the engine is cranking to test because that spark.Start your Diagnostic from check 1, do not skip about from check to test unless instructed to execute so through the test you are right now on.Do not usage a test light where an LED light is called for.Once again, usage the recommended/indicated devices for every one of your tests.