I have a misfire ~ above cylinder number one. Which cylinder is number one, and what size is the spark plug socket?

Driver's side front. The 3.9L is a version of the 318 c.i through two cylinders chopped off. In 2005, the engine options were 3.7L or 4.7L. Chrysler's numbering mechanism is 1, 3, 5, prior to behind on the driver's side, and also 2, 4, 6, former to behind on the passenger side.

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Most likely the spark plug socket you need is 5/8". Larger engines offered 13/16" spark plugs.For others researching this topic, this short article may be of help:https://www.rememberingsomer.com/articles/how-to-change-spark-plugsThis video clip shows this job being done on a Caravan:https://youtu.be/CE7bM8_j4ZgCheck out the diagrams (Below). You re welcome let us know if you need anything else to acquire the trouble fixed.


Hello, here is the shoot order for your car in the diagrams below. Examine out the diagrams (Below). Please let us know if you require anything rather to acquire the problem fixed.

Hi, fig 1 is the routing of the ignition wires and the fig2 procedure exactly how to install the distributor at correct timing, at the fig 2 you can see a notch top top the distributor, rotor must face toward the notch, that means spark plug wire that situated at the notch is the cylinder 1 wire. Also cylinder 1 should be in ~ TDC compression.Let me recognize if friend need an ext help.
I need to understand the shoot order for my truck it has actually a v6 magnum. 1 more question mine truck has actually no power what so ever it is bucking yes, really bad and also my check engine irradiate just starting flashing. If girlfriend could aid me the end I'd be considerably appreciated. Many thanks
There"s a notch in the body of the distributor the lines up with a matching tab on the bottom of the cap.
pardon me ns was law the tune up ~ above a evade dakota 1994 ns pulled out all the wires and I canot placed them ago together I have no idea how the stimulate is the truck keeps transforming of I have actually no idea exactly how to placed it back please aid me define me please.
i accidently acquired my plug wires crossed when an altering them. Have the right to you tell me what the firing stimulate is, wherein number one cylinder is, and also where number one place on distributor is?
Hi:Here is the diagram v the fireing order.


I hope this helps. Allow me recognize if you have other questions.Joe
ns accidently mixed up the wiring for the wires to the distributor cap. What is the order and also where execute you put the first wire? probably you have a chart I can look at?Thanks
Hello below is the info you requested inspect out the diagrams (Below). Please let us know if you require anything else to acquire the problem fixed.


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