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I was wondering if anyone knows the biggest tire dimension that might fit ~ above a stock 2000 s10 ext. Cab? ns heard it to be 235/75 15. If I could go larger without rubbing, and having to lift it, that would be awesome, but I"m not sure just how tall I have the right to go.

Here is the front of mine truck, very same size together the earlier and over there is lot of of room. I have had actually these BFGoodrich"s on the truck because that 40,000 miles and also I love them sufficient to buy one more set.

My truck-2016 CCSB Colorado/2.8 diesel 4x4 (12k winch, westin winch tray, Westin bull bar)My husbands truck-2004 ext. Cab 2wd-5.7 LS1 swap, TBSS rear axle, 06 GTO full interior, lots more...
I have actually a 2000 2wd S-10 extended Cab share suspension. I at this time have 225/75/R15 tires on the stock rims. I have not had any problems v rubbing in the front and still have plenty of room in the behind to handle the 300lbs of sand in and a huge fiberglass topper in the winter. I have actually heard that 235"s will certainly fit, however I think the on my 2wd they would rub in the front. The 4x4"s will probably clear yet I don"t think the 2wd"s would.I do understand 235"s fit an extremely nicely on the older layout 1989 S-10 4x4 I supplied to own. Mine 2 cents: I like the 225"s because that ground clearance and they do the truck fly ~ above the freeway v the 3.42 behind end yet I lost a bit of the low end that I had with the share 205"s ~ above there. Planning on do the efforts 215"s in summer and 225 snow tires.
I was wondering if anyone to know the biggest tire size that can fit ~ above a share 2000 s10 ext. Cab? ns heard it was 235/75 15. If I might go bigger without rubbing, and having to lift it, that would be awesome, however I"m no sure just how tall I can go.

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235 75 15 will certainly rub on manufacturing facility wheels top top the inside, but they may work with wheel spacer(some one claimed 235 70 15 will certainly too, spacers may aid that too)
I have 235/75 15 wrangler areas on share wheels, they rub a little bit on tight turns however nothing to problem about
I have actually 235/75 15 wrangler areas on share wheels, they rub a bit on tight turns yet nothing to problem about
S10 tire sizesI have a 94 S10 LS 4x4 through the extened cab and also the sticker in the chauffeurs door claims the ideal tire size is 235/75R15.The tires that are on it are 30/9.50/15"s. The speedometer matches the gps (Garmin 400T) in ~ 60 mph.I have ordered 235/74R15 winter tires and also rims for this reason that i can obtain some eye traction.
late top top this discousion but on both my ´96 ext 2wd and my ´00 4wd, the 235x75x15 tires rubbed in bumps or sharp turns.i currently ride top top 235x70x15 and also it operation perfect and i obtain the widenes i like,no mode at the suspension.on the 4wd you deserve to easy adjust riding height via torsion rods however you adjust the spring stress at the very same time,harder for an ext height and softer various other way
Nice tires
No one has actually said it however I think it is the finest stock wheel plus sized combo because that stock trucks. They are expensive but I am obtaining a set in the morning. Tires space bald now. Your look really good. Walk the dealing with improve through the broader tire?

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