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2001-2010 Chrysler PT Cruiser time Marks diagram (2.4 l Engine) – The Chrysler PT Cruiser is a car model from the American manufacturer Chrysler, which was developed by the middle of 2000 till the summer of 2010. The acronym PT means “Personal Transportation”. It was designed native the Designer Bryan Nesbitt as an interpretation of the Chrysler Airflow v Dodge Neon elements, but on its very own platform (PT) constructed. The auto has front-wheel drive and also is authorized for five people. In spring 2004, the four-seater Chrysler PT Cruiser Cabriolet complied with with a towel top.

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The PT Cruiser was carried out in 2001 top top the car and driver’s leaderboard amongst the peak ten and also won the exact same year the North-American car-of-the-Year Award. In Euro NCAP crash check of the Chrysler PT Cruiser reached 3 the 5 stars for occupant safety and 1 the 5 in pedestrian safety. The vehicle was developed until the ninth of July 2010 at the Toluca tree (Mexico). In addition, equipped through diesel engines were an installed units indigenous July 2001 come July 2002 in the first exclusively in the Austrian Euro Star auto Plant.


Camshaft time MarksCrankshaft TDC MarksTrailing-Edge that Sprocket Tooth

Note: as soon as aligning crankshaft and camshaft timing marks constantly rotate engine indigenous the crankshaft. Camshaft must not it is in rotated after ~ the time belt is removed. Damage to valve components may occur. Always align timing marks before removing the timing belt.

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