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Customers: Please note that because these coins space older, castle may have actually blemishes and/or imperfections and also are not guaranteed to be in brilliant uncirculated condition.

At the dawn of a new century, the American silver- Eagle to be soaring high with mintage levels the regimen hadnt seen because its very first years of production. Celebrate the 15th anniversary that the coins, 2001 American silver- Eagle coins marked a 2nd consecutive year the mintage levels in overabundance of 9 million coins, the first time in program history that such highs were reached in back-to-back years. The 2001 American silver- Eagle coin is available today indigenous JM Bullion.

Coin Highlights:

Mintage in 2001 totaled 9.74 million coins!15th anniversary the the American silver- Eagle coin!Ships in a security plastic flip, sealed mint tube of 20, or Monster boxes containing 500 coins.Contains 1 oz of .999 pure silver.Face worth of $1 (USD) is fully backed by the united state government.Proof specimens function a W mint mark from the West allude Mint.Walking Liberty graces the obverse.The heraldic eagle the the United says is ~ above the reverse.

2001 American silver- Eagle coins were significant for much more reasons 보다 simply marking the 15th anniversary the the series. Once the coins were originally introduced, both the bullion and proof coins were struck in mountain Francisco.

Proof coin manufacturing shifted to the Philadelphia Mint from 1993 come 2000. The bullion coins continued to be at mountain Francisco until 1998, and were relocated to Philadelphia as well for 1999 and 2000. The 2001 American silver- Eagle coins, both bullion and also proof, to be struck through the West suggest Mint, and continue come be developed at the new York facility today.

For 2001, bullion production of the American silver- Eagle coin was down slightly native 9.239 million in 2000 come 9.001 million. The proof American silver- Eagle coin was, however, up considerably from 2000. While 600,743 coins were struck in 2000, the 2001 American silver- Eagle proof coin had actually a mintage that 746,398 coins. This mark almost reached the asserted maximum mintage of 750,000 for the year by the United says Mint.

Walking Liberty proceeds to elegant the obverse confront of the American silver- Eagle coin, when the reverse attributes the exclusive, modernized picture of the heraldic eagle of the United says of America.

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