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hey all, i have actually a 99 silverado 1500 ls 5.3 vortech. I adjusted the oil today and also did no reset the light prefer usual before moving the vehicle. Remembered come reset it after i parked it outside, so ns shut it off, turned the an essential back on then stepped on the accelerator 3 times to reset the light and it did not flash five times favor its supposed to. I did this lot of times and also it still no reset and also the light blinks at me four or fives time after i begin the truck. Ive never had this difficulty before. Help, has actually anyone else had actually this trouble before and what walk you execute to correct it or get it to reset. I additionally disconnected the battery for about twenty minutes to check out if that helped but still no luck. Help, irradiate will get annoying. Many thanks for the assist in advance..

2001 Sierra HT 4.8OEM Style electrical FansOversized RadiatorAiraid MITJasper TransmissionCustom Tuned
well its never done this so it is why ns was wondering, kinda pisses me off and i dont wanna take it it to the dealership and get raped simply so they can flash the light.


You have the right to do it 10 or 15 times in a row in my truck... Or til her leg cramps.sent from mine Verizon Wireless Galaxy SIII
2001 Sierra HT 4.8OEM Style electric FansOversized RadiatorAiraid MITJasper TransmissionCustom Tuned
i obtained it to reset. Not sure exactly how it walk or what yet just gained in truck one day and it wasnt flashing at me so its reset.. Oh well.. Ns doing it appropriate away prefer i supplied to following time to hopefully protect against the hassle..
It doesn"t issue when you reset it. Right after the readjust or 500 mile after the adjust so that"s no the problem. Part trucks are just plain picky and also hard to reset, shot slowing the pedal activity down most civilization think they need to do it much faster when it won"t reset.
I have no problem resetting mine yukon... However my 01 is simply damn impossible.sent from mine Verizon Wireless Galaxy SIII
2001 Sierra HT 4.8OEM Style electric FansOversized RadiatorAiraid MITJasper TransmissionCustom Tuned
I had actually 4 2002"s with the 8.1 in them and I know what her saying 3 of them constantly reset ideal away however one to be a bugger and I had to play through that one 4-5 times before it would reset, it was a battle I lost countless times yet I always won the war by the finish of the night.
When I turn the crucial on, ns hit gas 4 or 5 times then it states "Oil Life Reset". After I begin it up, the readjust Engine oil comes back on.Is over there another method to reset the engine oil. Mine is not working.
on mine 2001 ns usually acquire mad at it and just mash the gas pedal rapid as i deserve to for about a minute and that usually does it.

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Turn the crucial two clicks then depress the gas pedal ONE time and also hold it until the battery light remains on and you dont check out the readjust oil light. That operated for me.
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