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1998 2.2L 5 speed 2wd S10 bought brand-new and sold in 2007, i should have actually kept it.2001 black color Blazer 4wd 2 door, 2.5" RC lift and 2" BL. 33x9.5r15"s ~ above Z28 wheels, young fender work-related to clear. RC steering stabilizer. An ext on the list...

The oil pressure is pretty great but ns wouldn"t mind it gift a little higher, 15-40psi depending upon the rpm. Ns haven"t readjusted the oil so probably thicker oil would certainly help. Ns think i will simply replace the pump, lock aren"t expensive.The oil pan gasket is leaking together well and I simply don"t see just how it could be fixed without removed the prior diff so ns might also replace it.The oil cooler lines space on my list too, I arrangement to repair them as soon as they room off.Any proposal on what brand pump and timing chain? additionally are there any kind of pitfalls to protect against while replacing this parts? many thanks again because that the help.
1998 2.2L 5 speed 2wd S10 bought new and offered in 2007, i should have actually kept it.2001 black Blazer 4wd 2 door, 2.5" RC lift and also 2" BL. 33x9.5r15"s top top Z28 wheels, boy fender work-related to clear. RC steering stabilizer. More on the list...

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IMO, a 4WD automobile needs a high volume pump. However, true Melling select high volume pumps room .300" longer than a Melling traditional or a high press pump and also they have a special HD casting. If a high volume pump is installed, the oil pump choose up display assembly will certainly not to the right the 9-1/4" deep oil pan. That is difficult to uncover an aftermarket pick up assembly that will certainly fit the oil pan v 3/8" to 1/2" bottom clearance.I set up the adhering to when my engine to be rebuilt and I had actually to cut and also shorten the oil pick up pipe by 1/2" and wire weld the reduce tube earlier together. The deep pan on the 4WD and longer pick up assembly is much more subject come engine vibration and failure, specifically in off-road, high performance street and also competition applications. The long oil pump pick-up assembly in 4WD oil pans needs additional bracing and also reinforcing. The extra plumbing with a 4WD oil cooler and remote filter demands a 10% greater volume -standard push oil pump. The Melling 25% higher volume pump is no required and also neither is the "C" collection competition Melling oil pump. Melling choose #10552 oil pump, high pressure, HD casting, 3/4" inlet, needs the Melling 259S pick up pipe shortened 1/2" or a custom developed pick up assembly created a 9-1/4" deep oil pan. The Melling choose #10552 oil pump likewise has a spur gears that are doweled right into the bottom plate. Melling pick up display assembly, #259S, 3/4" pipe, execute NOT to effort to usage a Melling bolt-on kind pick up.It is risky and it will certainly not fit. Remove by-pass spring and piston climate braze or cable weld pick approximately pump. It is not crucial to remove the bottom plate. The Melling bolt-on pick up assembly will certainly not to the right the oil pan and the weak brazed bolt-on mounting plate is a weak design. Press the pick-up tube right into the oil pump making use of the Melling MCAT-75 tool with Loctite #640 . Jegs #23621 oil pump choose up retainer and also brace.Bolt the retainer come the oil pump bottom plate and also weld the retainer to pick-up tube. One employee at Jegs designed these braces and they are not developed or sold anywhere else. Wire tack weld the brace to the pick up tube and toss the bolt. That is OK come bolt the brace come the bottom that the oil pump making use of Loctite #640. The bottom bowl bolts are a special type that will certainly break of over torqued. That avoids the subject in the oil pump casting from pulling if the bottom key bolts are over torqued. Load the spur gear cavity v petroleum jelly and also torque bottom bowl bolts to 7 lb./in (80 in/lb) maximum. Use a customs pound micro-torque wrench due to the fact that a foot pound wrench is inaccurate the low. Melling 1S-55E, oil pump drive shaft, hardened through steel sleeve (if the oil pump does not come with one) ARP 230-7003 oil pump mounting stud because that high volume pump, 65 lb./ft hex-nut torque.Summit #111480 soft copper gasketSince you room going come the problem to change the oil pan, don"t pass up the chance to carry out these ultimate up-grades. This up grades may be over-kill because that a day-to-day driver v high mileage. If that is the case, leaving the stock oil pump in-place and don"t settle it if that ain"t broke.