The mass air flow sensor (commonly abbreviation to MAF) is one of the most essential engine management sensors. A bad mass air flow sensor have the right to leave her Chevy S10’s engine to run rough, or even inoperable.

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A MAF sensor steps the thickness of the waiting entering the input manifold. It passes this details onto her S10’s ECU. The ECU offers this information along with other sensor data to control the quantity of fuel that enters the burning chamber.


If girlfriend do identify that you need a new mass airflow sensor, they aren’t too expensive. And, most of the moment they are ideal by the wait box and easy to replace.

Faulty Mass air flow Sensor Symptoms: Chevy S10

When the mass airflow sensor has actually gone bad, you’ll absolutely feel it. Here are the most usual symptoms that a bad or failing MAF sensor:

Idle Issues– your S10 might run wealthy or lean once idling, or it may also idle erratically. A rich problem is as soon as there is not enough air family member to the fuel in the air/fuel mixture. The exhaust shade is usually darker once running rich. A lean problem is once there is too much air relative to fuel in the wait fuel mixture. The exhaust shade usually doesn’t change. Hard come Start– Without discovering the appropriate amount of air entering right into the intake, it deserve to be really difficult for the engine come start. And when that does, the doesn’t usually run really well. Decreased Fuel Mileage– Fuel mileage deserve to suffer there is no the appropriate air/fuel mixture.
Here a couple of common MAF sensor styles

S10 negative MAF Sensor Diagnosis

If the MAF sensor has gone bad, it’ll trigger the inspect engine irradiate and carry out an OBDII trouble code. This is great because it help you narrow down the problem. The 2 most typical trouble password in relation to the MAF sensor are:

There are other codes concerned the massive air flow sensor as well, yet these room the most common ones. Here’s a terrific video on how to diagnose a poor MAF sensor utilizing a multimeter from Ratchets and Wrenches on YouTube.

Cleaning the Mass airflow Sensor

Often, the mass airflow sensor yes, really only demands cleaning when they go bad. Part folks recommend using alcohol because it’s commonly on hand, and also can clean the sensor. This is a poor idea, the can destroy the sensor. Offers mass airflow sensor cleaner. It’s really cheap and easily accessible at any parts store. It certain beats the heck out of having to to buy a brand-new sensor.

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Locate the MAF Sensor– It’ll be in in between the wait filter and also the accelerator body. Eliminate the Sensor- Take care not to damages the wiring exploit or the connector pins that get the harness in the MAF. Simple hand tools will be all that you require to finish the job. Clean the Sensor– now that you’ve removed your S10’s MAF sensor, it’s time to clean it. You’ll require the MAF cleaner. Friend are no scrubbing anything. Let the chemicals do their job. About a dozen small bursts will certainly be all the you need. Replace the Sensor


Replacing a negative MAF sensor can make her S10 feel favor a brand-new vehicle. Great luck through the diagnosis. If over there is anything the you would like to add, please feel free to leaving a comment below.