Fuse box diagram (fuse layout), location and assignment the fuses and relays Cadillac Escalade (GMT 400; 1999, 2000).

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Checking and also Replacing Fuses

The wiring circuits in your automobile are protected from quick circuits by a combination of fuses, circuit breakers and also fusible thermal web links in the wiring itself. This greatly reduces the opportunity of fires caused by electrical problems.

Look in ~ the silver-colored tape inside the fuse. If the band is broken or melted, replace the fuse. Be sure you replace a bad fuse v a new one that the similar size and also rating.

If you ever have a problem on the road and don’t have a spare fuse, you have the right to borrow one that has actually the exact same amperage. Just pick some function of your auto that you can obtain along without – choose the radio or cigarette lighter – and also use that fuse if the is the exactly amperage. Change it as shortly as girlfriend can.


You have the right to remove fuses through a fuse extractor. The fuse extractor is an installed to the fuse block access door. To remove fuses, if friend don’t have actually a fuse extractor, hold the end of the fuse in between your thumb and index finger and also pull right out.You may have actually spare fuses attached come the within of the fuse block accessibility door. These can be supplied to change a bad fuse. However, make certain that the is the correct amperage.Before replacing a fuse examine that the crucial has been gotten rid of from the ignition and also that all the services are switched turn off and/or disengaged.Do no repair fuses and also never replace a puffy fuse with one that has a greater amp rating. This can cause damage come the electric system and also fire.Never replace a damaged fuse with anything various other than a new fuse. Use constantly an intact fuse the the exact same color.If a fuse blows again contact authorized services.
Instrument dashboard Fuse Block

The fuse block accessibility door is top top the driver’s side edge of the instrument panel. Pull turn off the sheathe to accessibility the fuse block.



1Stop/TCC Switch, Buzzer, CHMSL, danger Lamps, Stoplamps
2Transfer Case
3Courtesy Lamps, Cargo Lamp, gloves Box Lamp, Dome/Reading Lamps, Vanity Mirrors, strength Mirrors
4Instrument Cluster, DRL Relay, desk lamp Switch, Keyless Entry, short Coolant Module, Illuminated entrance Module
5Rear lull Controls
6Cruise Control
7Auxiliary power Outlet
9License Lamp, Parking Lamps, Taillamps, Tailgate Lamps, Front Sidemarkers, Fog lamp Relay, Door switch Illumination, Fender Lamps, Headlamp Switch Illumination
10Air Bag System
11Wiper Motor, Washer Pump
12A/C, AJC Blower, High Blower Relay
13Power Amp, rear Liftglass, Cigarette Lighter, Door Lock Relay, Power Lumbar Seat
144WD Indicator, Cluster, Front and Rear comfort Controls, Instrument Switches, Radio Illumination, Chime Module
15DRL Relay, Fog desk lamp Relay
16Front and also Rear turn Signals, Back-Up Lamps, BTSI Solenoid
17Radio (Ignition)
184WAL/VCM, ABS, Cruise Control
19Radio (Battery)
20PRNDL, automatic Transmission, Speedometer, check Gages, Warning Lights
22Auxiliary Power, Headlamp Delay
23Rear Wiper, rear Washer Pump
24Front Axle, 4WD Indicator Lamp, TP2 Relay
APower Door Lock, Six-Way strength Seat, Keyless entry Module
BPower Windows

Underhood Fuse/Relay Center

The fuse box is located in the behind of the engine compartment near the brake liquid reservoir. Relocate the retainer clips because that the sheathe to access the fuse block.



RR DEFOGRear home window Defogger
IGN-EAuxiliary fan Relay Coil, A/C Compressor Relay, Hot Fuel Module
HORNHorn, Underhood Lamp
AUX FANAuxiliary Fan
ECM-1Injectors, PCM/VCM
HTD ST-FRHeated former Seats
A/CAir Conditioning
HTD MIRHeated outside Mirrors
ENG-1Ignition Switch, EGR, Canister Purge, EVRV Idle coastline Solenoid, heated O2
HTD ST-RRHeated behind Seats
AUX BTrailer Wiring
LIGHTINGHeadlamp and also Panel Dimmer Switch, Fog and also Courtesy Fuses
BATTBattery, Fuse Block Busbar
IGN AIgnition Switch
IGN BIgnition Switch
ABSAnti-Lock Brake Module
BLOWERHi Blower and also Rear Blower Relays

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