Changing out a dead starter ~ above a 4Runner isn"t all that hard. Not only will it conserve you money, but you"ll have actually the proud of a project well done.

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This article uses to the Toyota 4Runner (1996-2002).

If friend can"t get your 4Runner to rotate over, or it cranks an extremely slowly, it could be a poor starter. If the battery exam good, and all the wiring watch good, the next logical cause is the starter itself. It"s additionally a opportunity that the starter might still be good, however it may just need a good cleaning. Tearing apart her starter and also cleaning it isn"t too difficult, yet no matter what, you"ll need to take it turn off the van to deal with it. The good news is that a starter have the right to be had actually for much less than $100, and also you"ll be ago up and also running again. This is not the most basic DIY task you can tackle, however it is very doable with patience and a tiny elbow grease. Since you aren"t going all over in the truck until you have the right to start it, why not spend a few hours resolving it yourself.


Materials NeededHydraulic floor jackJack standsFlat head screwdriverSafety gogglesRatchet with extension and also 12mm socketRatcheting wrench (a genuine time saver however not required)

This how-to consists all 3rd generation Toyota 4Runners indigenous 1996 to 2002 equipped with the V6 motor and automatic transmission, even if it is 2WD or 4WD. Four cylinder trucks are slightly different.

Step 1 – Jack up her 4Runner

Loosen the lugs on her passenger next wheel prior to you jack up her truck. Use a hydraulic floor jack to lift her truck and also place on jack was standing in the authorized locations.

Figure 1. 4Runner jacking and also jack stand points.Figure 1. Always use the approved jacking points come lift her 4Runner.
Pro Tip

Always use jack stands when working under your truck. Never ever work under any kind of vehicle as soon as only a hydraulic floor jack is used.

Step 2 – eliminate passenger wheel and also disconnect battery

Disconnect the an adverse (black) terminal of the battery, as you should do any time you space working with any electrical component of the truck.

Remove the lugs and also pull the passenger wheel. The starter is quickly accessed v a unique panel in the passenger next wheel well. Usage a flat head screwdriver to carefully remove the 5 plastic plugs that host the splash guard in place. You may want to have a spare set on hand, together they can conveniently snap off, specifically if they space old.

Figure 2. Five plugs hold the splash safety in place.Figure 3. Starter ar through wheel well. (Note: This is a second gen truck.)

Step 3 – eliminate brake line, input tube and transmission fluid dipstick

Remove the 2 12mm bolts that secure the brake line to the frame, and move next the brake line. Eliminate the plastic intake tube between the input manifold and also the waiting box, so friend have far better access come the starter from above. The infection dipstick is also held in ar by another 12mm bolt. As soon as this critical bolt is removed, traction the dipstick up from the reduced tube. Now you have to have enough room to obtain to the starter bolts.

Figure 4. Eliminate the two 12mm bolts that hold the brake line in place.
Figure 5. Eliminate the 12mm bolt stop the infection dipstick in place.

Step 4 – remove the starter

At this point, the 2 12mm mounting bolts top top the starter are easily accessible; however, they may not be conveniently removed. You might want come spray them v penetrating lubricant and also let castle sit a few minutes. If they are soaking, eliminate the starter cable native the terminal, i m sorry is extended by a protective plastic boot. Usage a flat head driver to eliminate the boot and also then remove the 12mm bolt that attaches the cable to the terminal. Keen under her truck and use a 12mm ratchet with expansion to eliminate the 2 mounting bolts ~ above the starter. Hopefully the penetrating spray will make this job a small easier. When the bolts are off, friend will need to turn the starter come finagle it the end of position and remove the switch cable before pulling the from the van from below and out with the wheel well, as the manifold will avoid you from acquisition it the end from above.

Figure 6. Remove the two 12mm mounting bolts native the starter.
Figure 7. This snapshot from the hand-operated makes finding the bolts easier.
Figure 8. Revolve the starter, disconnect the electrical wiring, and also take out v the wheel well.

Step 5 – change or rebuild her starter

In plenty of cases, the entire starter might not it is in bad. The contacts on the plunger could be very gummed up and nasty. Brake cleaner and also a stole wire brush might clean the contacts sufficient to enable months or years an ext service out of the starter. View the link at the bottom because that an in-depth explanation of exactly how to clean it.

Of course, a new starter should collection you earlier less 보다 $100 and also you"ll have actually the confidence the this will fix your difficulty for years and also years to come. No issue what you do, installation will be much simpler than removed of the old part.

Figure 9. Clean the contacts on your starter may be all that is needed.
Figure 10. A brand brand-new starter ready to mount.

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Step 6 – Install brand-new starter (or reinstall repaired one)

Reinstalling the starter is much easier than the task of taking it out. Rotate it and put it earlier in position, be certain to reconnect the switch cable before remounting it. Use your 12mm ratchet with extension to tighten the mounting bolts. Change the cable bolt and boot cover. Reinstall the transmission fluid dipstick, and brake line v your 12mm ratchet or wrench. Placed the entry tube ago in ar up top. Replace the splash guard, re-mount her wheel and also snug the lugs before dropping the truck. When on the ground, tighten and also torque the lugs.

Figure 11. Begin your truck, making certain you don"t get any warning lights and also take her for a spin.

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