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One of our job-related pickups has no blinkers or flashers, they will not work and we can"t seem to find a fuse or relay. Anybody understand where they are situated or if castle exist ~ above this truck. Any assist will be appreciated.thank friend /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/cool.gif

There"s 2 fuses feeding to the flasher relay.Fuse 1, 20AFuse 23, 10ABoth under the tool panel.Flasher relay is below and to the left that the radio under the tool panel. Friend may have the ability to reach the from the fuse accessibility kick dashboard opening, or traction the cupholder or ashtray to obtain to it.The other possibility is the Multi-function switch, however that"s probably remote.Check the 2 fuses first.
First truck -- 1929 design A Ford pickup, revitalized from floor up. Wish i still had it!"99.5 F250 PSD Supercab LB 4x4, ZF-6, 3.73LS, rise & pyro gauges, Swamps S175/146 injectors, DP 80 HP Econo PCM (classic version), AIS, coolant filter w/"hokum" bracket, regulation return, heated winter mod, lighted cupholder, Marinco heater plug-in.99&UP 7.3L Powerstroke Engine & Drivetrain FAQSHard or no-start? examine Here
When you revolve your flashers on do you get any type of kind the a buzzing sound for a brief 2nd from under the dash? i just had actually this happen to my business truck. The 20amp fuse because that the brakes blew, yet the flasher relay went and also it would sometimes make a buzzing sound for a second. Relay part number F65Z-13350-AA sell for about $20.
It"s most most likely the flasher behind/left that radio. It"s most basic to pull radio to accessibility it. It"s blue and is a Ford just part. Occurred to me on the road and after check every fuse relay in the dash engine, damaged radio den and found the culprit in O"reily"s parking lot. Then had actually to walk to the dealer to gain it, what a pain.If you pull a trailer and also have continuous filament lights, move to LED"s and it won"t put as large of a stress, overload on the flasher.

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"05 solitary cab f-450,10ft stake bed "00,SprCb,DRW,6spd. 190k Garrett BB Turbo, AFE phase II, LUK clutch w/kevlar bearing, intake heater delete, acetone badges...
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