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ok, because I gained my D ago 2 weeks ago from the tranny shop, i was thinking about the liquid they put it in, if its not the ATF+4, have to I tell them to drain it, and also fill it appropriately or what, this company has been doing transmissions since 1972 and also I don"t want to seem like a ass, but after i plunked under the money for them to rebuild it, i don"t desire it taking a crap after their 12 month guarantee is doneso what"s the agreement on this fellowsthanks98 D 5.9 SLT
98 dodge D 5.9 SLT woodland green, towing package, Edelbrock Headers, Magnaflow cat back, high flow k&n filter, 31 10.5 15"s, Hotchkis guide bars, tinted front windows, euro tailights, clear corners and also turns up front-more upgrades soon to the 5.9

If it"s not ATF+4, drain it and re-fill with ATF+4 a couple of times. Gain the junk they put in there the end of your tranny before it self destructs.Joe
98 dodge D 5.9 SLT forest green, towing package, Edelbrock Headers, Magnaflow cat back, high circulation k&n filter, 31 10.5 15"s, Hotchkis persuade bars, tinted front windows, euro tailights, clean corners and also turns increase front-more upgrades soon to the 5.9

It"s ATF + 4 (ATF +3 was provided regularly now +4 is recommended) or it"s Doomed!There have actually been also many write-up just prefer yours whereby they were told it"s the exact same stuff or a compatible replacement. Because that me the original only pleaseSteveDOC Pres

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It"s ATF + 4 (ATF +3 was provided regularly currently +4 is recommended) or it"s Doomed!For me the original only pleaseSteveDOC Pres
It wasn"t the initial until 01. Correctly it"s now the recommended fluid. +3 come in 98-00. The transmission isn"t going to me destruct if it has actually +3 in it. +4 was designed to perform much better over a much longer peroid. From allpar:The score in arising ATF+4 to be to develop a liquid that would complement the performance qualities of the present fluid (Type 7176D), however would maintain those characteristics for at least 100,000 miles. The file specifically notes that the anti-shudder properties of ATF+3 space usually degraded enough by 30,000 mile to reason noticeable shudder.Contrary to renowned myth, one of the proclaimed goals of type 9602/ATF+4 fluids was that it"d have actually the same frictional qualities as ATF+3. The record explicitly says that this was because brand-new clutch products wouldn"t be introduced for this fluid and also it had to it is in backwards compatible with ATF+3. Graphs in the file show that the friction coefficient of fresh ATF+3 and also ATF+4 is basically identical, but as the fluid ages ATF+4 maintain the ?as new? coefficient if ATF+3 degrades.Date: in march 16, 2004 Automatic transmission Fluid usage ATF+4 (Type 9602)THIS BULLETIN SUPERSEDES TECHNICAL service BULLETIN 21-006-01, dated JUNE 29, 2001.Models: 1989 - 1993 (AD) lamb Truck, 1994 - 2003 (BR/BE) lamb Truck, 2002 - 2004 (DR) lamb Truck1989 - 1995 (AA) Spirit/Acclaim/Lebaron Sedan1989 - 2003 (AB) ram Van/Wagon1989 - 1993 (AC) Dynasty/New Yorker/New Yorker Salon1989 - 1993 (AD) lamb Truck1989 - 1994 (AG) Daytona1989 (AH) Lancer/Lebaron GTS1989 - 1995 (AJ) Lebaron Coupe/Lebaron Convertible1989 - 1990 (AK) Aries/Reliant1989 - 1990 (AL) Horizon/Omni1989 (AM) Diplomat/Gran Fury/New Yorker 5th Avenue1989 - 2004 (AN) Dakota1989 - 1994 (AP) Shadow/Sundance1990 - 1991 (AQ) Maserati1990 - 1993 (AY) Imperial/New Yorker 5th Avenue1994 - 2003 (BR/BE) lamb Truck2004 - 2005 (CS) Pacifica1998 - 2003 (DN) Durango2002 - 2004 (DR) lamb Truck1995 - 2000 (FJ) Sebring/Avenger/Talon2000 (GS) Chrysler Voyager (International Market)2004 (HB) Durango1995 - 2000 (JA) Cirrus/Stratus/Breeze2001- 2004 (JR) Sebring Sedan & Convertible/Stratus Sedan1996 - 2000 (JX) Sebring Convertible2002 - 2004 (KJ) Liberty1993 - 2004 (LH) Concorde/Intrepid/Vision/LHS/New Yorker /300M2005 (LX) Chrysler 300/Magnum2000 (NS) city & Country/Caravan/Voyager1995 - 2004 (PL) Neon2002 - 2003 (PG) PT Cruiser (International Markets)2001 - 2005 (PT) PT Cruiser1997 - 2002 (PR) Prowler2001 - 2005 (RG) Chrysler Voyager (International Markets)2001 - 2005 (RS) city & Country/Caravan/Voyager1997 - 2004 (TJ) Wrangler2001 - 2004 (WG) grand Cherokee (International Markets)1999 - 2004 (WJ) cool Cherokee1989 - 1995 (YJ) Wrangler1996 - 1998 (ZG) grand Cherokee (International Markets)1994 - 1998 (ZJ) grand Cherokee/Grand WagoneerNOTE: This bulletin uses to all transmissions made by Chrysler except for 1999 and also earlier minivans v the 41TE/AE transmission, This company Bulletin walk NOT use to every AW-4 transmissions, Sprinter transmissions, Crossfire transmissions and also WG bodies equipped with a W5J400 or NAG1 infection (sales password DGJ).Discussion:A brand-new transmission fluid (ATF+4 - kind 9602) has actually been developed and also is being supplied as factory fill for all vehicles v Chrysler automatic transmissions.It"s recommended the all vehicles v Chrysler automatic transmissions other than FOR THOSE listed ABOVE be serviced with ATF+4.NOTE: ATF+4 must always be provided in vehicles that were originally filled v ATF+4.NOTE: business intervals don"t change. The business interval at this time in impact for a given vehicle should proceed to be followed.NOTE: ATF+4 is compatible through ATF+3 and also ATF+2. ATF+4 have the right to be supplied to top off vehicles that at this time have ATF+2 or ATF+3. Don"t use ATF+2 or ATF+3 to top off vehicles that have actually ATF+4 fluid.BENEFITSBetter anti-wear propertiesImproved rust/corrosion preventionControls oxidationEliminates depositsControls frictionRetains anti-foaming propertiesSuperior properties for low temperature operationFLUID COLORMopar ATF+4T is a human being Class liquid having impressive durability. However, the red dye used in ATF+4T isn"t permanent; together the fluid ages it may come to be darker or show up brown in color. ATF+4T likewise has a distinct odor the may change with age. V ATF+4T fluid, color and odor space no longer signs of fluid condition and also don"t assistance a fluid change.Parts Required:

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99 Durango 5.9, FT 4x4, IP stage III w/ k&n air hat, M1, SCT, Fastman TB, 1.7 RR, JBA headers, Borla cat back, boy name Saine valve body, Hotchkis swaybars, Blistein shocks, lowered 2" black color Rhino Kenya wheels, 246. 7 RWHP, 319 TQ