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Hey Everyone. Is there any kind of difference in the CDI crate on different years that the 600 Grizzly. Additionally what go the pick-up coil the is placed directly to the fee coil do and can it be an installed in an ext than one position? Thanks.

I think every years that the CDI boxes room the same, because I provided one turn off of a 2000 version on a "98 model once and also it functioned fine.The pick up coil is a hall result sensor that triggers the CDI when come fire and also is a common component to go negative on the 600. The is not placed directly to the fee coil, yet is an installed beside the charge coil in a fixed, non-adjustable position. The pickup coil is wired to the fee coil and is thought about as an assembly. It"s called the stator assembly.The stator assembly has the charging coils and it likewise has one more coil placed on it the generates the power for the ignition system. The choose up coil come wired to it and also is part of it, yet is not placed to the stator.

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the grizzly 600 to be the exact same from 98-01 as much as cdi box go. Will a cdi crate from to speak a 02 04 06 work on a 98-01 work? They have actually one extra plug

the grizzly 600 was the same from 98-01 as much as cdi crate go. Will a cdi box from speak a 02 04 06 work on a 98-01 work? They have one extra plug
Only 98-01 grizzly 600 cdi boxes are interchangeable. The 02+ grizzly 660 cdi boxes will NOT work on a 600.
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