Every Jeep comes through a fuse box diagram. You deserve to use the diagram come quickly and easily situate your fuses. Here"s a complete guide to reading the fuse box diagram for your Jeep cool Cherokee ZJ.

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This article uses to the Jeep cool Cherokee ZJ (1993-1998).

It"s essential to know where the fuse "box" or "panel" in your Jeep grand Cherokee is located. Your fuse box houses the all-important fuses necessary to ensure existing is flowing within her Jeep, permitting you to safely run your auto while performing a wide range of functions, such as listening come the radio, running your air conditioner and also even reading trouble codes. Her fuse box comes with a clearly designed diagram that you can use to find the fuse that you need in the minute that you need it. Here"s a synopsis of the fuse box diagram in her Jeep cool Cherokee ZJ.

Fuse crate Location

To situate your interior fuse box, climb into the passenger side of her cabin. Once inside your Jeep, inspect the passenger-side footwell; this is where your fuse crate is located. Examine the dashboard because that a removable cover that you need to pull turn off to accessibility your fuse box and also remove any kind of blown fuses.


Figure 1. Spotting the fuse crate is easy.

Amperage Rating

When instead of a swollen fuse, you"ll need to pick a instead of fuse that is equal in amperage to the old one. For instance, your brake requires a 20-amp fuse come work. Her horn relay and power lock relay also require a 20-amp fuse to work. Your instrument panel, ~ above the other hand, just requires a 7.5-amp fuse.


Figure 2. Every fuse has actually an amperage rating.

Fuse Rating and also Color Coding

Fuses are color-coded and organized by location; however, you"ll have to examine her fuse box diagram to understand which shade is gift used and for which protected system it applies. For the 1993-1998 Jeep grand Cherokee, the horn fuse, because that example, appears as "20s" ~ above the fuse crate diagram and also is color-coded as yellow. The cigarette lighter fuse is marked as "15 a #11" on the diagram. It is light or glowing blue in color.

Figure 3. Fuses are color-coded.

Scheduled Maintenance

Make certain to keep your fluids clean and topped up; castle are, ~ all, the lifeblood of her Jeep. Together with any older model vehicle, you"ll desire to store an eye top top your significant systems, inspecting every one for general wear and tear and also current or impending system failure. Make changing out your spark plugs, rotor and distributor cap component of your continuous maintenance schedule from below on out, if you have actually not currently been doing for this reason every 30,000 miles. Together well, inspect your wait filter for dirt and dust and replace the unit as needed. Open up up the sheathe again in 30,000 miles once a brand-new replacement will most likely be needed.

Common Questions

How perform I remove a fuse?

Once you"ve opened up the fuse box, you"ll must pull the fuse out. Friend won"t want to simply yank it out through your fingers; however, it might not it is in blown, and you don"t desire to rest it. You"ll need to grip it using the fuse puller that"s attached to the fuse crate or comes with it. Friend can also use a pair of family tweezers if friend cannot find a fuse puller.

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How carry out I recognize a fuse that is blown?

Check to check out if the inside of the fuse is black or dark in color. You shouldn"t necessarily need to organize the fuse up to the light, together the dark shade should be apparent; however, if girlfriend do, walk ahead and do so. Likewise check to check out if the filament within is intact. If that is, the fuse is blown and will need to be changed by a brand-new one, which you can insert by tenderness pushing that down right into place.