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One job the speedometer and also odometer on ours 98 Honda Accord quit working. At time the idle would come to be rough and also the engine would nearly stall. It’s always frustrating come have vehicle problems. Friend ask yourself: need to I simply take it to an auto repair shop? It’s much much easier that way, yet it is much more expensive. I finished up fixing this this vehicle Speed Sensor difficulty myself, below is how I go it.

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I had suspected it to be a difficulty with the speedometer cable due to the fact that I had actually a non-working speedometer and also many years before. In that certain case the speedometer cable ended up being disconnected from the transmission.

Being unable to uncover a speedometer cable on my Honda Accord, I gained on the Internet and started doing part research. The web led me to think it might be a vehicle speed sensor (VSS) issue. Ns realized v my searching why i couldn’t situate the speedometer cable on mine Honda – it doesn’t have actually one. The system is every electronic.

The images of rate Sensors ~ above the internet did not look choose anything on mine Honda, ns later uncovered that many of the pictures on the internet are for rate Sensors indigenous 89-94 models. So ns headed under to the nearest auto components store to confirm my suspicion and yes, the OBDC II codes confirmed that it to be a failed vehicle Speed Sensor.

Most Auto parts stores didn’t have actually Speed Sensors in stock or employees who were acquainted with lock so that was difficult to gain a an excellent idea that what it looked like, but one store was able to traction up a photo and ns eventually uncovered a great picture on the Internet.

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1998 Honda Accord automobile Speed Sensor (VSS)

Speed Sensor Location


1998 Honda Accord automobile Speed Sensor Location


Speed Sensor Replacement

The 98 Honda Accord VSS is easier to get to if you take off the waiting intake hose and also filter. One screw holds the sensor in location and it has an electrical connector ~ above the top. After ~ removing the electric connector, remove the screw. As soon as the Screw is out you deserve to remove the speed Sensor. Mine was stuck in over there pretty good, yet it came complimentary with a small wiggling and also pulling. The new one walk in pretty easily, there was a slim snap when it goes all the way in and makes a great seal. Change the screw and also the connector, then replace the wait intake hose and also filter if you removed them.