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Hello everyone i just flushed my radiator and of course the dirt that was prevent a hole got flushed out and now my radiator leaks.If I gain this one addressed or to buy a brand-new one i beg your pardon antifreeze coolant must I use?I understand alot of civilization like to usage the Mopar HOAT for their 5.7 Hemi"s but what about my 5.9 Magnum?Is Dexcool as negative as civilization say?The owners manual doesnt speak anything certain to use it just says to use a high quality ethylene glycol-base coolant and also not to use plain water or alcohol based products.Truck Info:1999 Dodge ram Quad Cab SLT Laramie5.9L V-8

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I"m a Prestone man as well; but I buy the concentrated and do my own mix because that our chillier winter (i perform a 70/30 mix because that winter). Make sure you usage the distilled water due to the fact that the mineral content in tap/well water will develop up in the rad.

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Hello everyone i just purged my radiator and also of course the dirt the was impede a hole got purged out and also now my radiator leaks.If I acquire this one solved or purchase a brand-new one which antifreeze coolant need to I use?I know alot of civilization like to use the Mopar HOAT for your 5.7 Hemi"s but what around my 5.9 Magnum?Is Dexcool as poor as world say?The owners manual doesnt to speak anything specific to usage it simply says to usage a high quality ethylene glycol-base coolant and not to use level water or alcohol based products.As proclaimed in your opened statement use ethylene glycol base, and like the persons mentioned above if you room going come mix that your me make certain you use distilled water.
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Here"s an amazing article about coolant. Http://
Radiator shop should be able to rod that out and repair it for under $100. Doubt friend can acquire a brand-new one because that that. Getting ready to flush mine out, expect your trouble isn"t contagious!
IF you execute decide come purchase an additional radiator, there are other things come considerdo girlfriend do any type of towing, carry out you live once it it s okay hot, (like the desert), you might want to get a heavy duty radiator, conventional radiators supplied to it is in 2 core, heavy duty is commonly 3 core, lot thicker, an ext coolant capacityask a radiator shop if it demands replacing & climate ask because that suggestions
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I not do any type of heavy duty towing or anything choose that, for this reason I ended up buying a new radiator native O O O O"reilly"s. That is a Proliance and it came v a life time warranty.I will still most likely take my stock one in come see exactly how much it"ll price to obtain fixed and also sell it come a friend.Installed the radiator today and filled it increase with good old Prestone.Thanks Alot!
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I expect your just foolin, oils no going to cool her engine.Your water pump will certainly last follow me time currently though :hah: