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Well after 100,000 miles and also seeing part wierd antifreeze like build-up on the within of my oil fill tube ns figured that was about time to change the notoriously leak vulnerable vortec 350 input gaskets. To start with, this has been by much the most involved piece of maintenance i have done come this truck. I had actually never done anything this affiliated either. For this reason basically quick of what little info i might find ~ above the internet i was flying blind. I will include though the my father assisted me out with the whole procedure and the has functioned on one engine or two.So, come begin. Together i have discovered through some interweb study intake gasket failure is a common problem for the 88"-98" style chevy 350. Characteristics of a leaky entry gasket space usually a milky oil, fallout’s coolant level, white smoke, or in my case a redish accumulation inside the oil fill tube. To change the intake gaskets the concensus is to usage Felpro gasket collection MS98000T. This set comes with the two instake gaskets, top intake plenum gasket, accelerator body gasket, fuel injector assembly gasket, fuel line o-rings wherein they attach to the manifold, valve cover gasket, and what ns think was a distributor gasket. There may have actually been various other parts included however i can"t recall due to the fact that i more than likely didn"t usage them. Ns purchased my gasket collection from and it was about $65 shipped. If i had it personally i chose to walk ahead and also replace the thermostat, cap, rotor, and radiator cap. So once you have all this girlfriend are ready to handle this job.First off, don"t gain too overwhelmed v the mess of wires that greet you after you pop the hood.

What i made decision to do an initial was to take off the upper and lower pan shrouds and also drain the radiator. Have actually a pair of buckets or one huge one handy since the shit will drain from two or three different spots in prior the vehicle drivers tire.Next, take off the waiting filter assembly and tube to the throttle body.



Go ahead and also remove the top radiator hose and the thermo and thermo elbow. I additionally unscrewed the egr pipe at this point.That done, i decided to unbolt the throttle and also cruise cables. Over there is a parentheses on the a/c compressor and also the upper intake.
Now you can start to unplug every the sensors and stuff pertained to the intake. The would most likely be a an excellent idea come take photos of each connector and also where it come from but i"m reasonably certain no two connectors will certainly interchange. I just took so many pics to aid remember the routing of every the wires.
It is at this allude that i would like to attend to the problem that seems to be so usual with the heater hose rapid disconnect. Below is a picture of the quick disconnect fitting.
As you have the right to see over there is a plastic liner inside the steel fitting. This plastic degrades end time and pulling out the hose often times shatters or in some way degrades it to the allude that it will certainly leak upon re-assembly. The problem lies in the removed of the fitting from the intake. The fitting has actually what looks prefer either subject lock or sealant on its threads into the intake and is notorious for break the object off within the entry requiring the user to drill the end the remaining fitting and retapping come .5" pipeline tap. Ns foolishly rushed the tear down procedure before thinking of my alternatives and go ahead and pulled the hose out of the fitting. I had actually the an option when re-assembling to try and put the hose earlier in the installation hoping the wouldn"t leak and try and remove the installation from the intake. I was nearly positive that i would certainly break the fitting and also this wasn"t an option. My van is mine only method of transportation and also it had to be able to get me 400 miles earlier from my parents residence to whereby i live 2 job later. SO, with all that said, if i were to perform this again in the same case where ns couldn"t afford any kind of down-time for broken parts various other than what is compelled for intake replacement i would certainly leave the installation in the intake and also cut the hose around a foot earlier from the intake. Once the hose is reduced you can remove the intake leaving the quick disconnect and also section of water tap still attached. Once re-assembling i would certainly use one of these come reconnect the section of reduced hose.
I actually already had this intalled in the hose however as i said previously i rushed dis-assembly and never even thought to eliminate the water tap from one of the ends and leave the fast disconnect alone together opposed come removing the quick disconnect indigenous the intake. Therefore this is my referral for handling the GM quick disconnect.Now relocating on, ns went ahead and unplugged the 3 plugs from the a/c compressor and also unbolted it. You have the right to then just lay it ago onto the passenger next inner fender like so.
At this point i significant the plug wires and also removed them native the cap and also removed the cap from the distibutor.

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I then ongoing to unplug wiring harness shit native the intake and also remove the brackets that host the wiring harness up off the intake. I also remove this ground cable from the front of the block on the passenger next so i might get a little much more slack in the exploit for as soon as i would must tie it up the end of the way.
Go ahead and also unplug the large connector because that the fuel injector pod and also protect the somehow. I supplied a ziplock earlier to put the connector in and stuffed a rag down right into the pod. Friend can likewise disconnect the fuel heat at the ago of the intake. (Note: It help to acquire up in the bay and sit ~ above the core support to reach part things.)