In the past, we’ve common information around installing a 5.0L V8 from a 1996-2001 Ford explorer in to her Ford Ranger. This page is walking to talk solely around the engine itself.

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Ford introduced the 5.0L V8 as an option for the traveler in 1996. It to be only available in the 2wd models that very first year, and also had 210 hp and also 280 ft-lb of torque. For 1997, modification cylinder heads enhanced output that the 5.0L V8 come 215 hp. The 5.0L became available in the AWD Ford explorer in 1997.

Although the Explorer’s 5.0L offers the same short block together the 1995 Ford Mustang, the heads are defined as “hybrids” that incorporate Ford’s best style practices because that knock control, emissions, airflow, and fuel economy. They also accommodate various spark-plug angles that facilitate simpler plug replacement. The input manifold is a Ford Mustang Cobra-like “GT40” unit, but it’s been greatly modified and also tuned for the truck, so it’s not a straight off-the-shelf swap.

Ford explorer 5.0L Camshaft

5.0L Truck, explorer Camshaft F4TE-6250-BA

Hydraulic Roller256° entry (adv)266° Exhaust (adv)Duration (adv.) (Exhaust): 266 DegDuration (adv.) (Intake): 256 DegCam background (Exhaust): .279”Cam elevator (Intake): .263”Duration in ~ .050” Lobe elevator (Exhaust): 197 DegDuration in ~ .050” Lobe lift (Intake): 176 DegLobe Centerline (Exhaust): 113 DegLobe Centerline (Intake): 118 DegValve background (Exhaust): .448”Valve lift (Intake): .422”

For comparison:

5.0L H.O. = .278/.278adv.- 210/210
.050- .444/.444 1.6- .473/.473 1.7- 115

5.0L Cobra = .282/.282adv.- 209/209
.050- .451/.451 1.6- .479/.476 1.7- 118

Ford traveler 5.0L GT40 / GT40P Cylinder Heads

GT40 heads room a factory tiny block ford head discovered on a details vehicles. They were most famous for your debut on the 1993 Cobra. GT40/GT40P heads were a more totally free flowing cylinder head that outperformed the manufacturing facility E7 heads that were uncovered on many 5.0 Fox body Mustangs.

What Is The Difference in between GT40 and GT40P Heads?

The GT40 & GT40P heads had a couple of differences that are note-worthy, the most importantly being the bump in compression. The GT40P heads had actually a little combustion chamber ranging from 58-61cc if the GT40 heads had a 63-66cc combustion chamber.

The 5.0L with the GT40 head had actually a 9.0:1 compression, and the 5.0L through the GT40P head had 9.1:1 compression.

The GT40 heads have thermactor holes constructed in to attach to the EGR/smog devices whereas the GT40P heads us an exterior EGR connective system.

The GT40P heads additionally had a different spark plug placement making header selection important. GT40P details headers are essential unless you use spark plug wires v 90 level boots to clean the heads.

Finally, the last difference between the two room valves. Both have 1.84″ intake valves, yet the GT40 has a 1.54″ exhaust valve whilst the GT40P cylinder heads have actually a slightly smaller sized one at 1.46″.

GT40 & GT40P Head Specifications:

Head TypeIntake PortCombustion ChamberIntake Valve

Exhaust Valve

GT40 – Cobra145cc61cc1.841.54

Which traveler Used i beg your pardon Head:

GT40 Head – 1996-Mid 1997 Ford traveler & Mountaineer SUV – part #F1ZE-AA (Ford racing #RF-F87E-9K461-BA)

GT40P Head – Mid 1997+ Explorer/Mountaineer SUV Models – component #F77E-AA (Ford racing # RF-F87E-9K461-BB)


To verify even if it is you have actually GT40 or GT40P cylinder heads, study the side of every cylinder head. GT40 cylinder heads have 3 vertical bars stamped top top the next of the head and the indigenous “GT”. Ford GT40P cylinder heads have actually 4 vertical bars and some room stamped “GT40P”.


Ford GT40 cylinder head bars


Ford GT40 cylinder head stamp


Ford GT40P cylinder head bars


Ford GT40P cylinder head bars


Ford GT40P cylinder head stamp


Ford GT40P cylinder head stamp

Ford explorer 5.0L GT40 Intake

All Ford explorer 5.0L engines provided a GT40 intake v an outside EGR setup, however early-model traveler intake manifolds have actually provisions for inner EGR.

1995 to at an early stage 1997 Ford explorer 5.0L reduced intakes have the facility EGR hole drilled, but no return line. Furthermore, over there is a ceo for the action sensor situated on jogger #5, however it is not drilled.

1997-2001 Ford traveler 5.0L reduced intake manifolds came specifically as external EGR manifolds. Meaning, there space zero provisions for internal EGR. These later on model intakes have thinner walls. Furthermore, there is no boss for the action sensor.

Interestingly, all GT40 intakes ordered v Ford gyeongju Performance components (FRPP) came v the reduced intake the was provided for 1995-1997 Ford Explorers.

Ford GT40 Intakes:


Stock 5.0L top intake compared to a Ford explorer 5.0L upper intake:


Stock 5.0L reduced intake contrasted to a GT40 Ford traveler lower intake:


1997-2001 Ford explorer 5.0L GT40P lower intake top top the left, and a 1995-1997 Ford traveler 5.0L GT40 reduced intake on the right:


(Note that the difference in between the bottom that the reduced intakes)

1997-2001 Ford Ranger 5.0L GT40P reduced intake optimal view:


Ford explorer BW4404 move Case


The 1997-2001 Ford explorer 5.0L come as either a 2WD, or AWD. The AWD came through a BW4404 carry case. This is no the classic transfer instance that enables you to pick 2WD / 4HI / 4LO.

The BW4404 is a chain propelled part-time transfer case that supplies torque on need through a viscous coupling. The viscous coupling is a 2-piece part, filled with a viscous fluid and clutch packs. Under common conditions, the inner and outer portions of the coupling space spinning at the exact same speed. As soon as there is slippage in the rear axle, the rotation of the 2-parts change; since the front tires space spinning slower, the inner portion is rotating slower 보다 the outer. Thus variation, the viscous fluid inside gets heat (due come clutch packs “mixing up” the fluid), and also becomes much less fluid, and an ext solid. Together the liquid thickens, it creates friction, by putting an ext force top top the clutches within the coupling. This climate causes an ext power output to the former tires.

If you decision to include the explorer 5.0L to her Ford Ranger, you’re not going to desire to use this move case. The great news is that the 4R70W automatic offered behind the explorer 5.0L offers the very same transfer case bolt pattern together the full size Ford Trucks.

Many have chosen to usage the BW4406 which is a hand-operated transfer case found on the 1997-2003 Ford F-150.

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The frame rails on the Ford traveler are spaced broader than they room on a Ford Ranger. You’ll have to take this in to factor to consider during her swap to make certain the transfer situation clears the frame.


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