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I have actually just purchase a 1995 Chevy Silverado 2500 and also I to be curious as to the towing capacity...It"s acquired the 5.7L V8 (automatic).I"ve heard in between 8-12K...and we space looking at fifth wheels, therefore it"s pretty crucial (and of course its not in the manual)Any aid would be appreciated.Thanks!
Depends on the axle ratio your truck has. We had actually a "93 C3500 with the 5.7L and also a 4.10 axle ratio and also it can only tow 7500 lbs max. I"d speak the 2500 can tow max the 8000-8500 v the same equipment as it has a lighter chassis. Ns don"t think you"d want to tow a heavy fifth wheel there is no a dually though.Also if it"s a 4x4 subtract around 500lbs from her max towing.

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