Archival video and brand-new interviews research Mexican national politics in 1994, a year significant by the rise of the EZLN and the assassination of luis Donaldo Colosio.

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Mexican political experts, including ex-President Carlos Salinas, information Luis Donaldo Colosio's increase to come to be the PRI presidential candidate in 1993.


The Zapatista uprising in early 1994 bring peacemaker Camacho sudden fame, changing the electoral landscape. Colosio gives a powerful, rousing speech.


Witnesses recount the chaos that ensued when Colosio was assassinated after ~ a project rally in Tijuana, leading to the interrogation that Mario Aburto.

Zedillo announces his presidential candidacy. Multiple special prosecutors space assigned come Colosio's murder investigation. Mario Aburto was standing trial.

Insiders remind the post-election economic crisis. Raúl Salinas remembers his 1995 arrest. Those close to Colosio discuss the affect of his death.

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