i am make the efforts to find the place of the auto speed sensor on mine Ford F-150 4X4 4.2V6 with manual transmission. As soon as I a purchase the part, i was offered a snapshot (same in the Haynes Manual) the the VSS top top the side of the transmission. This is not the case. I was then told to adjust the sensor on peak of the rear differential. Quiet no help. Ns was then told the only other location it might be to be on one of the prior wheels. No uch sensors exist. The just other sensor i can discover is on optimal of the Transfer situation just over where the behind driveline inserts right into the transport case? IS this the appropriate one? wherein is it?Also, the much longer it go unfixed, the much more I have problems with a "miss" or jumping and also low or high idling. Could the VSS reason this too?

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her VSS IS located on the tranny. The is hard to situate so it is normal overlooked. The VSS was mounted on the differential ~ above the 1998 F150"s and also older, no on the 2000 model. A pair of pictures are below to assist you determine the VSS. The VSS might be leading to your symptom you listed.



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I have replaced the rate sensors that can possibly need replacement. My speedometer will work however is off with the gear and speed. Mine speedometer in fourth gear will read 100 and also rpm at 1,500 yet in reality that is just 35 mph. And also the truck will begin jumping and check engine will go on and shut off the truck. Once I unplug the speedometer sensor the truck will certainly run fine. GPS and also RPM discovering is exactly how I deserve to tell the speed. Any kind of suggestions on what is wrong? Wiring? other sensors?

Welcome to rememberingsomer.com.Have you confirm to see if there room diagnostic trouble codes save on computer in the computer? If the check engine light is coming on, something is most likely there the may help direct us. Let me know.Joe

ns did a scan and also the codes came out as P1120- Manufacturer Control, P0500- vehicle Speed Sensor and P1451- Manufacturer Control.

Welcome back:The VSS is actuated by a gear. Ns doubt it is bad, but remove the sensor and also inspect it. Do sure every little thing is effectively going together.Next, i attached two pics. They are two optional transmissions for this vehicle, and not discovering which you have, i attached both. Is the highlighted sensor the one girlfriend replaced?Let me know.Joe
Yes that is what I had replaced. I have the ford M50D tranny through a Manual change on the paris Transfer case
Welcome back:Only among the codes you provided are regarded the speed sensor, P0500. I need to be honest, due to the fact that you changed the sensor I have a emotion it is a wiring issue. My guess is other is shorting to power and also causing the erratic function. Have you confirm the wiring to the sensor? Simply due to the fact that of location, the isn't uncommon for the wiring to be damaged, insulation skinned. Allow me know and also by the way, i don't understand why i was reasoning this to be an automatic. Sorry around that.Joe
my speedometer is no working and also I have a P0500 code. I need to recognize where the speed regulate sensor is located. Is there a test so I can confirm it is the sensor? Would also like a sensor diagram for my van specs listed above.
Hello, The car speed sensor is in the rear part of the infection or transfer instance if 4x4. Here are some diagrams to display you (below)Please permit us know if you require anything else to obtain the trouble fixed.Cheers, Ken
I had two reduced wires, and also re-wired them. But still no distinction in the over energetic speedometer.On another note, before fixing the wires my gas gauge was analysis full also when close to empty and also fixing the wires mine gas gauge reads empty and also low fuel light remains on. Exhausted deleting the codes however still no difference.
Welcome back:So if I understand correctly, the fuel gauge currently reads short all the moment regardless of fuel level? which wires to be repaired and also where were they physically located?Joe
Old computer quit working. New one (second brand-new one) will certainly not shift transmission properly, move from an initial to overdrive at ten mph. Throwing P0720 code, output speed sensor Ckt. Malfunction.I am a pretty an excellent mechanic, have my very own shop.Cannot discover output speed sensor! not where presented on different drawings for E40D transmission. Not on driver side of infection case, not on rear tailpiece of transfer case.Hoping replacing output rate sensor will deal with problem, that is the only code ns am getting.Never had any type of shifting difficulties prior to changing computer. Through the way, payment $125.00 come have computer newly programmed did not help either.
Hello, The output rate sensor is on the infection on the chauffeurs side right here is the location. Examine out the diagrams (below). Please let us understand if you need anything else to gain the trouble fixed.Cheers, Ken
I have actually a truck and I cant uncover the best speed sensor for it I mean the tranny has been changed twice and I obtained two numbers off of the component and they are DR6179 and also F4AP-7H103AA and I cant discover the rate sensor any where plz help.
E9LF-9E731AA, this is your rate sensor part number for her yaer and also make the vehicle. Additionally got come this net site and also you"ll see what it looks like and where to buy it cheap
typically the rate sensor is ~ above the rear of the transmission usually on the driverside. Pry close to the top close to the finish where the drive shatf operation over to the behind end.
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