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Hey I have actually a 95 Honda fourtrax 300 and also I was wondering what behind diffs I can swap the end I store braking diffs the last one I had actually broke totally in half

Hey I have a 95 Honda fourtrax 300 and I was wondering what rear diffs I might swap the end I keep braking diffs the last one I had actually broke totally in half
How/why space they breaking??According come Partzilla, 93-95 room the same rear differentials. But, i "think" approximately 2000 space the same...

You would have to do fabrication for any type of swap yet a 250 rear finish would work and the old 350 behind ends occupational as well. The brand-new 350 behind ends job-related too but you need to flip castle upside down so you want to acquire the old people (86-89 or 93 if you"re in Canada)
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all 300 behind differentials room the same, they will certainly swap.If you decision to modify, ns swapped out my personal 300 v a fourtrax 350 rear end. Easy enough to do, however, if you desire working rear brakes, friend will need to modify your brake cable perch to obtain them to with the adjustment cam.

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I’m runnin a 250SX rear end under mine right now. Works great just the gearing is a small different from the front
1985-87 TRX250AMid 80"s huge Red 250ES ATC (3 wheeler)1986-1989 350 Foretrax/ 350D Foreman Those diffs all bolt ideal up and also are the correct gear ratio. Girlfriend will have to have a complete rear finish from among those bikes come swap in. The 350 Foreman behind ends call for a $65 kit from Don Oglesby (look him up on Facebook) which provides you a rear center shock mount (bolts on) and also a key that has to be welded come the 350 axle tube so it deserve to be bolted to the 300 swingarm.The huge Red and also 250 Fourtrax already have a center shock mountain so friend only need the weld-on key to use those ($35 native Don) however you"ll have to run spacers as the 250 rears space narrower 보다 the 300 rears.I prefer the 350 behind ends simply due to the fact that of the width. The 250SX rear is the same as the huge Red 250 rear other than the gearing is a hair taller. No troubles running that in a 2wd 300 yet if you have actually a 4wd I would certainly stick to the three alternatives at the optimal of my post.