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Hi there. I just wanted to recognize if anyone could tell me how much transmission liquid is required for a basic transmission filter and fluid change. Im no doing the speak converter, simply dropping the pan and transforming the fluid that comes out and the filter. I have actually the deep pan no the shallow pan. Again, my transmission is the 4l60-e 4 rate automatic. Thx for the aid and have a good day!
5 quarts. Placed in a gallon very first then slowly include the last quart to height it off, it may take a little more or a tiny less. Simply keep check it it rotates its full.
dumb dumb question however here goes: when I check the tranny liquid level I have been check it ~ a 30 minute run at 65mph, pulling the dipstick wiping it off, climate reinserting and also repulling to examine the level through the engine OFF. Deserve to you check this is the ideal procedure for this. JJ
Engine need to be running, infection in park, car level, and the liquid hot. If the engine is not running friend won"t obtain a exactly reading.


Jonejam, There"s no such thing as stupid inquiries on here. Asking questions is how we every learn, therefore no worries.X2 on Inspectormatts & DSFloyds short articles for check your fluid level. Due to the fact that you"ve to be checking yours v the engine off, your true fluid level is walk to it is in low, & that might be resulting in the shifting problems you defined on your other thread. As soon as the engines off the trans fluid runs ago in the pan & reads higher on the stick 보다 it does as soon as it"s running, so you may have actually been suck partial air & & resulting in your shifting problems due to lower pressure.
1988 Chevy C-3500 2wd (no pic)350 c.i. 5.7 L stock Block, 4 Bolt MainsL-31 Vortec Heads, Edelbrock camer & Intake, Holley 650, Flowtech Headers, Magnaflow exh.Jet infectious diseases worldwide 700R4, B&M Ratchet, 4:10 gears, 3" susp. Background kit "shadetree"No rev limiter, No speed limiter lol
Thanks again Stephan, Floyd & Matt. Utilizing the correct procedure, ns was 3 quarts short on fluid. I gibberish seen one more slip yet so ns am maintaining my finger crossed.

You"re welcome JJ. 3 quarts will absolutely do it. If your fluid was quite & red & didn"t smell burnt, climate you need to be an excellent to go.

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1988 Chevy C-3500 2wd (no pic)350 c.i. 5.7 L share Block, 4 Bolt MainsL-31 Vortec Heads, Edelbrock cam & Intake, Holley 650, Flowtech Headers, Magnaflow exh.Jet infectious diseases world fashion 700R4, B&M Ratchet, 4:10 gears, 3" susp. Elevator kit "shadetree"No rev limiter, No rate limiter lol
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