Small, cheap, body-on-frame 4X4 SUVs room pretty lot a thing of the past. Today’s nice Price or cracked Pipe S10 Blazer happens to be simply such one old-school off-roader. Let’s view if the price will get it a pass.

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Jay Leno when told me that, out of his vast choice of exotic, esoteric, and also classic cars, the one his wife preferred the best was his stodgy old 1925 Baker electric. Back when the Baker was new, electric cars did prove well-known with genteel people of either gender as castle were easier to operate, didn’t need cranking, and also didn’t smell favor a hot fart.

Today, pretty lot everybody but an oil firm exec loves electric cars. That was presented yesterday in the comment on our 2012 Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric, which many of you praised because that its size and efficiency. At $4,050, that former college son commuter additionally proved a likable deal, earning a narrow however decisive 55 percent pretty Price win.

Not everybody have the right to do electrical cars fairly yet. There space those of united state living in practically 100-year-old abodes through 100-amp 110-volt electrical service and also we just don’t see home charging as a time-effective choice at the moment.

Then there’s all the folks living in apartments through no house charging alternatives at all, as well as those who, for everything reason, prefer to live “off the grid.” execute you understand what grid they’re talk about? I have to assume component of that has acquired to be the one that provides electricity.



For every one of those folks, today we have actually this 1993 Chevrolet S-10 Blazer four-door SUV. And also if you’re right into this yet still jonesing come live in the future, well, this truck has actually a super cool and very futuristic digital dash.

The ‘90s Blazer was, together the surname implies, based off the S10 mini truck. An initial made available as a two-door sport truck in 1983, the line was increased to incorporate a quattroporte version beginning with the 1991 version year. That was Chevy’s answer to Ford’s wildly successful traveler SUV and featured a six and a fifty percent inch-longer wheelbase 보다 the two-door. Chevy hedged your bets a little bit by styling the four-door truck to look favor a two-door, efficiently blending the behind door window into the side glass.


This Blazer pertains to us in Standard Red over a grey mouse hair interior and also with over 220,000 miles on the clock. The advertisement says that equipped v “all the alternatives except because that leather,” which at this point in time is a plus due to the fact that ‘90s leather never seems to organize up really well.

The bodywork looks fairly solid, although there are indicators of rust poking v on the door edges and also the rockers. This is a body-on-frame architecture so it can theoretically it is in Swiss cheese and still be drivable. Breezy, however drivable.


There’s an exterior spare location in back, which is the pop-up headlights of the SUV crowd together it’s miscellaneous you just don’t see on new trucks all that much anymore. Some of the side door window trim is wonky but other 보다 that it no seem all the bad. Plus, an insect deflector!


The internal is really nice and also that vacuum florescent display dash is said to be in fine form with the exemption of the odometer. There’s a small industry in repairing ‘80s and ‘90s digital dash materials so the shouldn’t be difficult to exactly if it renders you crazy.

Under the hood lies a 4.3-litre Vortec V6. These put out 160 speech standard but could be had with a 200-ponies together an option. If you have the right to tell i m sorry one this is, you’ll get a yellow star for the day.

Whatever the output, the seller claims that the engine, in addition to the 4-speed automatic and transfer situation were rebuilt by a ahead owner. One electronically-shifted transfer situation divvies up the calculation to the former and ago axles. That all said to run without worry now and also farts with an aftermarket cat-back exhaust.

Other mods here encompass a Rough country lift kit and brand-new Goodyear Wrangler tires on 18-inch Camaro wheels. The seller claims the Blazer was their everyday driver until they purchased a brand-new car. Currently they’re kicking it come the curb. A clean title and also the promise the it “runs and drives very good” complete the truck’s list of enticements.

Okay, well maybe there’s one much more enticement to consider, the being the price. We’ll just have to see. The seller is questioning $2,500 for the truck and also at an initial glance that does seem like a lot of automobile for the money.

The inquiry for you, however, is whether or no that’s a great deal considering the age, the minor rust, and just how clunky this trucks to be to begin with. What do you think, could this Chevy it is in worth the $2,500 asking together it sits? Or, would you need to lit to salary that lot for this Blazer?

You decide!

I owned a 91' 2-door GMC Jimmy. This one is the 200HP version. The 160HP variation was TBI injected. This was the brand-new Vortec motor.

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That 4.3 V6 is rock solid. That rear tire carrier will squeak and rattle forever. Friend will change the heater core about every other year.