Franklin half dollars are among the many popular series for collectors of modern United states coins.

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These 90% silver fifty percent dollars bear a portrait of establishing Father and also prolific inventor Benjamin Franklin ~ above the obverse. The turning back motif attributes the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.


Full Bell lines Franklin half dollar. Image via NGC

As a general dominance of thumb, mean to salary at the very least 50% much more for a nice FBL Franklin half dollar versus an ordinary example in the same tantamount mint state grade. However, countless pieces profession for much an ext than this. A few dates even sell for many multiples the a similar non-FBL example in the exact same grade.

For example, the 1953-S Franklin half dollar is a an extremely common coin in the class of MS-65, where it trades for approximately $50. Yet, v FBL details, this concern is among the rarest. A 1953-S FBL Franklin halves in MS-65 normally sells for more than $15,000!

Franklin half Rare Errors & Varieties

All coin collection boast errors and varieties. The Franklin fifty percent dollar series is definitely no exception.

There are plenty of Franklin fifty percent dollars through scarce and intriguing errors. Consisted of are off-center strikes, many strikes (not the exact same as a doubled die), and also die cracks. The exact same is true for the varieties, consisting of doubled dies and repunched mintmarks.

Bugs Bunny range Franklin half. Image via Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0

One the the most well-known Franklin fifty percent varieties is the 1955 Bugs bunny Franklin fifty percent dollar. It\"s a rather scarce die clash error in i beg your pardon Franklin appears to have two buck teeth—very comparable in appearance to those donned by well known cartoon hare Bugs Bunny. The 1955 Bugs Bunny half dollar trades for about $30 in MS-60 and $75 in MS-65.

A particularly rare Franklin fifty percent dollar selection is the 1961 doubled die proof. The bears solid doubling across the reverse of the coin. Examples of this sought-after range easily establish $2,500 or more.

Collecting Franklin half Dollars

The Franklin half dollar collection is a terrific set for novice or seasoned coin collectors alike. There are just 35 regular-issue coins (not including proofs or varieties) necessary for assembling a straightforward complete set. Most of this coins deserve to be easily obtained in circulated qualities for little an ext than their silver value.

Yet, advanced collectors who desire a much more numismatically and also financially daunting set need merely turn come high-end and also FBL-level issues. For those who want an even tougher objective still, castle can include proofs, significant varieties, and also errors come their want lists.

In other words, the Franklin half dollar is the kind of collection that have the right to be developed for well less than $1,000. Or, perhaps, the can collection adventuresome, deep-pocketed collectors back an ext than $250,000. It every comes down to just how much initiative one desires to exert in building such a set and how much—or little—money have the right to be invested at the coin dealer in following through on such a goal.

There is no right or wrong means to collect these coins. With virtually limitless options for pursuing this series, over there is no limit on exactly how much fun a numismatist can have structure a collection of Franklin silver half dollars.

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Joshua McMorrow-Hernandez is a journalist, editor, and blogger who has won many awards native the Numismatic literature Guild. That has additionally authored numerous books, including works profiling the background of the United claims Mint and also United says coinage.