Circulated instances of the year are abundant; however, the top quality of the coin is the key to 1954 nickel value. Nickels minted in the mid 1950"s have distinct traits either increasing or lowering the intuitive appeal of the coins.

As part of the step-by-step procedure judging your coin, photos in the grading section aid identify the standout top quality with feasible added premium.


Steps bring about Value:

Step 1: Date and Mintmark variety - last year of an essential branch mint"s calculation of nickels. Determine all ranges of 1954 nickels.

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Step 2: Grading condition - condition plays critical role in determining the collectability the vintage nickels. Comparing to pictures identifies the top quality sought by collectors.Step 3: Special qualities - A "Last the Issue" variety is highlighted.
1954 Jefferson Nickel ValueCondition that CoinDateGoodFineExtremelyFineMintState
1954 Jefferson Nickel value Up-Dated2021
1954$0.05 $0.05 $0.05 $0.89
1954 D$0.05 $0.05 $0.05 $0.63
1954 S$0.05 $0.05 $0.05 $0.67

1954 is an easily accessible year v ample amounts struck. Finding an example from the year is no difficult. The scarce nickels, transporting a premium value, are those remaining in pretty condition, special crisp and bold design details.

A few steps are necessary to identify date and mint selection and the collectible state of preservation of this vintage Jefferson nickels.

Step 1: | Date and Mintmark selection Identified

Identify the "Last" Mint range 1954 Jefferson Nickel

Three mints ongoing to win nickels in 1954. Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco created 5-cent coinage this year, each in different quantities. Original numbers struck, indicating availability, and also quality that the coin, are the crucial factors come value.

Recognizing the mint range is component of narrowing the selection on the value chart. Recognize mintmarks to check mint striking the coin.

1954-S Jefferson Nickel

"S" Mintmark ~ above Reverse: mountain Francisco Mint win the Coin


San Francisco mint to win its last vintage Jefferson nickel in 1954. During the 29-year time period 1938 to 1964; san Francisco win nickels in 17 of the years. In its final year highlight 29.3 million pieces. An essential "Last of" worry to collectors.

An "S" mint note on the reverse is the mark used by san Francisco to identify the mint. Spring on the reverse, come the best of Monticello one "S" is put near the rim.

1954-D Jefferson Nickel

"D" Mintmark ~ above Reverse: Denver Mint struck the Coin


1954 is the very first year Denver struck end 100 million nickels, striking 117,136,560 in total. Ample amounts remain today, however, many are in center to heavy wear condition. This coins to be not removed from circulation in huge quantities early, the bulk circulated for many years. Lightly worn to much better is the preferred problem by collectors.

Denver supplied a "D" mintmark to identify production. Top top the reverse of the coin, follow me the rim, come the appropriate of Monticello a tiny "D" shows the Denver mint variety.

1954 Jefferson Nickel

No Mintmark top top Reverse: Philadelphia Mint win the Coin


Philadelphia struck just under 48 million nickels dated 1954. This amount outcomes in ample quantities accessible and low premiums for circulated condition pieces. The attraction of the coin is affordability to brand-new and beginning collectors. Crisp, well detailed coins room sought by these brand-new hobbyists.

Identify the Philadelphia issue by the absence of a mintmark. On the reverse, to the best of Monticello, if the room between the rim and also the structure is empty, Philadelphia to win the coin.

Step 2: | Judge condition to recognize Grade

1954 Jefferson Nickel value is Conditional

Grading separates and categorizes coins by the quantity of wear come the surface. A Mint State coin through no wear is the height grade and also each to decrease grade represents increasing quantities of wear.

Images the standard qualities are offered to to compare and aid narrow the range of conditions. Heavily worn Jefferson nickels listed below the incredibly Fine great are typically traded and also marketed together a group.

Mint State Grade

Mint State: Displaying no wear to the surface a nickel i do not care a candidate for the Mint State grade. A few points aid determine the grade and also are inspected to check the lack of wear; high areas and also changes in luster.

Centrally located and high in file is Jefferson"s eyebrow and forehead. These two points are elevated well above the field and also covered in luster on mint state coins. If stay is existing the an initial sign is removal of the good texture. A smooth surface ar over the eyebrow and readjust in shade of the metal from surrounding areas indicates a slight amount the wear.

Inspect the forehead come confirm comparable texture and color as the eyebrow v no dulling of the surfaces.

Extremely good Grade

Extremely Fine: an alert on the instance coin in incredibly Fine great the little smooth locations within the hair, face, and also coat the Jefferson. Light also wear defines the grade.

Jefferson"s eyebrow remains with a slight contour. A smoothness, the an outcome of young wear has actually removed the luster and somewhat dulled the surface. His forehead is additionally showing the smoothness that wear, however an extremely light.

Of prestige to the very Fine great is major design elements in high profile room separated by contours. Stay is slight and also no merger of high areas is seen. Information remains in ~ the hair, cheek and also jaw line room separate, and the collar and coat lines room visible. A well detailed design remains.

Average Circulated condition Examples

Average Circulated Condition: middle wear removing sufficient metal to cause significant design aspects to merge together is the usual condition of plenty of vintage nickels.

Displayed by the instances are big smooth areas within Jefferson"s hair and across his coat and also collar. The eyebrow is now flattened and fully connected with the forehead through no elevated contour. Additionally, help to recognize the condition, is flatness connecting the cheek and jawline through the forehead above. As soon as rounded and also raised locations are now flat and linked on the side of the face.

The reverse shows Monticello with faded indications of columns. Smoothness is the in its entirety appearance of the roof and also front of Monticello.

How to Video: Grading Jefferson Nickels

Judging problem of Jefferson is nickels extended in greater detail. Images of the obverse and reverse of nickels in a variety of grades are examined in detail.

Video, Images and also Descriptions | Grading Jefferson Nickels

Step 3: | Special qualities Enhancing Value

Historical 1954 Nickel Variety

Within the coin collecting world significant changes to a series of coins has the result of creating added demand. Jefferson nickels indigenous the beginning of the collection enjoyed three varieties produced each year. Collecting a date and also mint set included a Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco instance of each year.

A significant change occurred in 1954 v the mountain Francisco mint highlight the last Jefferson nickel by march of the year. 1954 "S" mint nickels are the end of one era and vital variety come the series.

The san Francisco mint coined cents and dimes in 1955 before suspending every coinage operations. Not closing completely, it continued as a refinery of metals and also serving as an assay office.

1954 mountain Francisco nickels became a historic "last of" issue and in are in regular demand by collectors. Inspect your nickel, alert come the premium status provided to high grade and quality pieces. Most vintage nickels space well worn, lacking fine details and lack eye appeal. Finer condition nickels space excellent enhancements to set assembled by new and beginner collectors, an affordable and important coin.


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