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ROCKLAND COUNTY, N.Y., June 10 / -- Troy Kay, a 15-year-old young man, damaged 3 human being records in the 16 and under department of the people Natural Powerlifting Championship, organized recently in Cocoa beach Florida.

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Troy Kay, a freshman at Don Bosco Preparatory High college weighed in at 215lbs and also began the competition with a bench push of 325lbs, successfully terminating the former people record that 290lbs.

With 1 civilization record under his belt, trojan Kay gotten in the deadlift category with confidence, deadlifting 445lbs and also then relocating on to tie the old civilization record that 465lbs. V the former human being record of 465lbs tied, trojan Kay determined to go for a new world record, probably the most daunting of all. After including 35lbs come the bar, trojan Kay set a new world document of 500lbs deadlifted. Troy Kay rounded out the competition with 3 civilization records under his belt, closing through a document breaking merged weight of 1,210lbs lifted, in all, squat, bench press and also deadlift.

The world Natural Powerlifting Federation prides chin on criter of steroid-free powerlifting competitions and daily living, of i m sorry young men such as trojan Kay room a perfect example. Natural Powerlifting Champion troy Kay proclaimed that "My Dad always told me four an easy things; tough work, commitment, sacrifice and dedication and also the human being will it is in one big candy store." however candy and also other sweets room not on trojan Kay"s menu. "I eat 6 times a work so that my body have the right to absorb the food properly," included Troy Kay. Appropriate diet and nutrition is an essential to troy Kay"s commitment to succeeding, steroid-free. Proper carbohydrates and natural supplements, coupled v an unmatched workout ethic space all contributors to trojan Kay"s success.

While excelling at powerlifting trojan Kay has actually a genuine love because that the game of football, at which he also excels. Trojan Kay has been invite to participate in Schuman"s nationwide Underclassmen integrate Elite 100, The Premier Underclassmen Showcase/Combine, to which just 100, of the many talented young football players, receive an invitation. Troy Kay to be selected as 1 of 14 players, to it is in MVP"s.

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"Troy is a really modest teen," stated Scott Kay, Troy"s" devoted Father and mentor. "He is in ~ a place that he will much exceed expectations, as he still has a year and a half to flourish into this division."

While the has damaged 3 people records, Troy has actually not actually trained because that lifting competitions, he has been training for football, which renders his lifting success every the much more incredible.