Posts ~ above Facebook claim that the deal with shown on the driver’s license of SpongeBob SquarePants, the man sea sponge who has actually starred in the eponymous Nickelodeon show due to the fact that 1999, is situated on little St. James, the private island in the U.S. Virgin Islands when owned by Jeffrey Epstein. This insurance claim is false.

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Examples the these articles can be foundhere,here andhere.

According come aSpongeBob fandom page(here ),iterationsof SpongeBob’s driver’s licensehasappeared in eight illustration throughout the series:"Sleepy Time”(2000), “No cost-free Rides” (2001),“Nautical Novice” (2008),“Gone” (2008), “Bumper come Bumper” (2012), “Patrick! The Game” (2015), “SpongeBobLongPants” (2016), “Burst her Bubble” (2017), and also “Girls’ Night Out” (2018). The addressfor his “pineapple under the sea”hasconsistently been“124 Conch St., Bikini Bottom”in each of these episodes.

The articles on social insurance claim that “124 Conch Street” is the resolve of a design template park dubbed “Ledges of little St. James” that is situated on tiny St. James. Called “Pedophile Island” and “Orgy Island” through locals and the media alike, the island, follow to Epstein’s accusers, was once a ar where Epstein and also his associates trafficked and also sexually abused young women and girls.

Social media posts juxtapose SpongeBob’s driver’s license through a screenshot the a Google Maps entry because that “Ledges of small St. James,” claimed theme park situated on the north tip the Epstein’s island, v the resolve “124 conch street Bikini bottom, St thomas 00802.” One facebook user share this write-up said, “all of this cartoons room tainted through pedophiles. Our youngsters are not safe” (here ).Some iterations of the image, favor this onehere,include text that reads, “Why is Jeffrey Epstein sex web traffic island address doing top top SPONGEBOB. Execute your study This is crazy… #savethekids #hollywoodisfullofpedophiles.”

In January 2020, theU.S. Virgin Islandssued Epstein’s estate,claimingthat the late accused sex offender raped and trafficked dozens that young women and girls ~ above a exclusive Caribbean island he owned(here ).The complain filed by Virgin archipelago Attorney basic Denise George significantly broadens the scope of the financier’s alleged misconduct, speak it spanned from 2001 to 2018 and also targeted girl who appeared to be together young as 11 or 12.

Though a Google Maps searchfor “littlestjamestheme park address,” as checked out in the posts, does not right now yielda an outcome forSpongeBob’s fictional attend to on Epstein’s island, it might well have in the past.As explainedhereon theHelpCenter pagefor Google Maps,anyone can“publicly include places, like a company or landmark, come the map” bysearchingfor an attend to and clicking on the “Add a lacking place” option.It is most likely thatsomeone walk this for “124 Conch Street.”

Satellite and aerial photos Google Earthdo not indicate the presence of a theme park on tiny St. James, or at least not onelocated outdoors.Images publishedhereby also as360-degree drone footageof tiny St. James and also neighboring good St. James, providedhereby the Miami Herald,suggest the same.


False. The address seen ~ above SpongeBob SquarePants’s driver’s patent is no the deal with of a layout park situated on Jeffrey Epstein’s island.

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