TOPEKA, Kan. ( - Nine-year-old Bo Jenson deserve a piece of Sunflower State background over the weekend in USA Powerlifting’s Kansas State Powerlifting Championships in Wichita.

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“I broke every record,” Bo said. “I only missed one lift, and also I took first place.”

“He collection all four records because that the squat, for the bench press, because that the deadlift, and also for the total,” Bo’s dad Joe said.

Bo struggle 250 lbs in deadlift, 183 in squat, and also 100 in bench.

Bo rose to the all-time finest for age 10-and-under in only a matter of months. He choose up the sports in August.

“He picked up the very same amount of weight as his 15-year-old brother did,” Joe said. “I was prefer okay, wait a second, possibly we have actually something here.”

Now, Bo lifts 3 times a week, including in core and also cardio, and focusing ~ above a healthy diet.

“We’d favor to see much more kids obtain into it,” Joe said. “It renders their skeletal stronger, renders their ligaments and also tendons stronger, it provides them an ext aware of their body, your diet, your focus, their determination. I think that a sport that particularly now that quarantines have actually started would certainly really advantage a lot of kids.”

With his state bling in hand, Bo has his sights set on breaking all 4 national documents for his period next month.

But, no issue the weight on his shoulders, Bo knows his dad has actually his back.

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“For me, I want to make certain that whatever he’s doing, he’s having actually fun act it,” Joe said. “Focus ~ above remembering the we’re still a little kid. We try to take breaks and make certain we’re still doing kid stuff.”

“I obtain to invest time through my dad, and also I obtain to break a totality bunch the records,” Bo said.






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