CinnamonA tespoon of soil cinnamon weighs about 2.8 grams. However your concern asks how countless teaspoons space in one gram.

Obviously, a gram that cinnamon will certainly BE much less than one teaspoon, because it bring away 2.8 grams that the summer sprouts to to fill one teaspoon. So, what"s the answer, or how do you figure it out?

Find the mutual of 2.8.

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In various other words, divide one by 2.8. One split by 2.8 is 0.357:

1 / 2.8 = 0.357

So, we deserve to say that a gram the cinnamon has actually a volume the 0.357 teaspoon, i beg your pardon is a little bit an ext than one-third that a teaspoon.

Therefore, we come away v two very closely related facts:

1) Cinnamon has a density of 2.8 grams per teaspoon, and

2) One gram the cinnamon has actually a volume of 0.357 teaspoon.

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